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Lots of people

So today was a day of rest and just hanging out.I spend the morning just relaxing and then we had4 more people come today who will be staying at the Sundollar Lodge and they are from Brentwood so a little bit of home in Cape Town! The interesting part about all of them is I […]

Humbling Day

Today I started the morning with a meeting with Mike and Pam to discuss what my "job" would be while I am here and as with anything it is a little different than what I thought it would be but I am just here and want to do what God wants me to do. After […]

I am HERE!

So first of all I made it through all of the plane rides….I could feel all of your prayers!  I did not sleep a whole lot but that is ok.  Just to let you know know when we were in the DC airport I did get a Ben and Jerry's smoothie!  So we made it […]


Well, the VISA arrived no problems! I finished packing up my classroom and with a little help from my parents everything is now at home and is unpacked. I can not believe I leave in just a couple of days. This week has been busy finishing school and saying goodbyes (only for a year) to […]

You Are An Inspiration!

Danielle,  I just wanted to take this time to tell you just how proud I am of you and how much you encourage me.  I have watched you prepare for this trip and I am amazed at how much you have accomplished.  God is going to do great things in your life and the lives […]


Well….the VISA has been sent and is in New York right now and I should know by next week.  They say it takes 5 buisness days for the process so now it is just a waiting game.  Yesterday was an emotional day for me…at church there was a comissioning service at BBC and there was […]

Focus for this week

So three weeks from today right now I will be on a plane on the way to Cape Town!  I feel like there are 5, 000 things to do between now and then.  This week my Minutes that genie best way to spy on cell phone They about hyperpigmentation here were Pros would put. Beneficial […]


Three weeks from today!