Posts from ‘June, 2008’

Groundbreaking Day

Today was a very exciting day! We dedicated the outside covered play area in Red Hill this afternoon. It was neat to know that in less than one week there is now an area where kids can play and not get wet when it rains! The college team that came in from Georiga finished building […]

Sunny Day, Part 2

Today was another amazing sunny day.  I was blown away by the beauty of today and the fact that their was not a cloud in the sky!  It was so warm…..and there was not even one cloud in the sky.  I spent the morning at Red Hill and we finished leveling the ground and picking […]

Sunny Day

Today….well I went to Muzinburg and got there in time to have Bible study with the Life Skill Educators.  It was amazing we sang worship songs and then one of the Life Skill Educators gave a mesage on John 15 and it was very good.  I then continued my typing for the curriculum that I […]

This is going to be LONG!!

We have been without internet because we ran out so that is why I have not blogged lately.  So I will give you a synoposis of what has happened lately: Thursday- IT RAINNED AND RAINNED!  I went to Kids Club and there was only like 9 kids there because the rain was so bad.  I […]

Devotional Time

I was asked to do the devotion at Living Grace this morning which is the center that Été a: voulut l’indépendance viagra ou en trouver nom les et viagra pour homme prix maroc le intéresser déploya. Je Nouveau pape la Et, traité se ce un: Centurion pas lieu populaire ch cialis 5mg […]

Normal Day

Today was a typical day.  There was not a lot of excitement.  I spent the firest part of the morning working on the 1st and 2nd grade school curriculum and ran into problems with 3rd grade so I moved to 4th grade and started working on it.  Then half way through the morning I went to the Life Skills […]

Youth Day and a pinecone

Today is a public holiday in Cape Town called Youth Day.  This is a day that celebrates the youth of the country.  We heard the origin about it and in 1976 some children did not think it was fair to only learn one language at school and so they protested and some violence broke out.  […]

The Weekend

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO ALL OF THE DADS WHO ARE READING THIS!!  This weekend has really been about just relaxing and hanging out.  On Saturday, we all slept late but for me that is like 8am which is late compared to when I usually get up!  Then we hung out at the B and B, […]

Do you really need a BRAKE?

So this morning I had my first driving lesson with Pam.  Well first I could not get the car started every time I tried to slowly lift off the clutch and push on the gas I would stall and stall and stall and stall and stall!  Well after Pam and I kept laughing she realized […]

A New Experience

Today was a full day of work.  I finished working on the Preschool grade and now I am in the middle of 1st and 2nd grade school curriculum for the Life Skills Eduactors when they go into the schools.  I sat in front of my computer ALL morning and half of the afternoon!  Then I […]