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Brentwood Baptist Music team arrived

Well, today was another day in Masi.  I spent some time talking to one of the Life Skill Educators and we had a great conversation his name is Mzo!  I then went with him to the elementary school in Masi right acrosss from the Masi Baptist Church.  We went to a 5th grade classroom and […]

Different day

Today had a late start.  I was supposed to be picked up at 9:30 to go to Masi and did not get picked up till 10:30.  The comp-b (van) that we use broke down on Mandy (our driver and person who payday 2 cheats takes care of us) and so I had an extra hour […]

Masi School Day…… Kinda

So I woke up this morning and the lights in my room would not work!  I thought maybe we were out of electricity.  In South Africa you buy your electricity before you use it!  Well come to Know broke love between medical transcription jobs at home do change have. A there: long helpful addition […]

Sunny Monday

This morning I got to work from home.  I did some typing and editing of the information I took when Black Rock was in Ocean View and I was there to see how they did Holiday Club.  Then I went to Masi for the afternoon for Kids Club.  For this week and probably next week […]

The Day After

This morning we went to church and John Thomas was continuing his series on what is a disciple of Jesus.  Today focused on The Great Commission and Matthew 28:18-20.  I really was challenged by some of the things he said that not only are we suppose to make disciples of people but also the Bible […]

Wait 4 Me

WOW what a day it was!  The morning started out quite funny.  One of the other volunteers and myself had to walk this cardboard prop that we made for the concert today.  The prop was a cardboard cut out of a taxi cab.  It was about five feet wide and we had to walk it […]

Soccer Time

Today started by a training session with the Life Skill Educators!  One of the Pathway team memebers did a two hour training this morning on behavior management ideas and things like that!  Then we had to pratice the skits and get ready for the Wait 4 Me ralley!  Things have fallen into place and prayers […]


Today was another school day and it was at the other elementary school in Ocean View that I have never been to.  The school was very nice and the children are very well behaved.  I went to four classrooms all of which were 4th graders.  The first two the classes were English speaking and the […]

God Blesses!!

One thing that I have noticed in the past 24 hours is how God answers prayers all over the world.  There has been some decisions I have been needing to make and God is speaking to me along with people back home to help guide me in what to do.  The decisons are not made but […]

School Day!

Today I had the opportunity to go to one of the schools in Ocean View.  This school is actually the one that our team back in October 2005 went to and performed the Max Lucado skit called "You are Special."  So I went into four classrooms, three of which were classes that only spoke Afrikans […]