Posts from ‘August, 2008’

Wild Weather Weekend

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Lots of Info

On Wednesday again the morning was spent wrapping ribbons.  I have taken some pictures of me working with the ribbons and hope to have it on the website soon.  Then on Wednesday afternoon I went to Kids Club in Red Hill.  I went to just make sure that Stanton was doing ok with implementing the […]

Another set of Goodbyes!

On Monday I went to the Capri office to work again on RIBBONS but first got to go to morning devotions and then helped set up some tea, coffee, and snacks for a little goodbye for two of the girls that were my housemates.  They are the ones from England/Scotland and were leaving on Tuesday.  […]

A Full Weekend

Here is my weekend recap: On Saturday, I went to do some shopping for the DC4K class that I am helping with.  Of course you all know how much I like to shop and so I spend some time doing that.  I then spend the afternoon just hanging out with Becky (another volunteer that will […]

More Ribbons…..

Thursday I spent more time with the RIBBON! I spend the morning and part of the afternoon sorting ribbon and wrapping ribbon. Some of the other girls came over and helped fora little while and when it was just me I put the headphones on and just the time working. Then we went to Red […]


So I will start with yesterday!  I spend morning working from the B and B typing up all of the observations from the past two weeks.  I am so glad to say that I am done with that!  I then got ready and went to Youth Club in Red Hill to begin introducing the concept […]

Monday meeting!

So this morning I had a meeting with one of the Life Skill Educators (Stanton) he works in Red Hill.  We met and talked about rules, consequences, expectations, and rewards for Kids Club.  He does a great job with the kids and asked me to help him…and of course as all of you know I […]

Driving Adventure

Went to church this morning and there was a guest speaker there and it was Peter Pollock (he is famous in the sport of Cricket in South Africa).  I do not know anything about cricket I figure I will stick with rugby!  It was really good he preached on The Prodical Son and even though […]

Did Somthing New…

  Friday morning I got to experience something that can only happen in South Africa.  Last Saturday was National Women's Day, this is a day that is celebrated by women here in South Africa to remind of the day in 1956 when women from all over South Africa marched to protest the passbook laws that they […]


  One word to describe Passion Wednesday night GRACE! Well let me tell you about the evening…. Jakes (she is the manager of the Team House and we are good friends) and I left at 2:30 to head to the concert because she had to run errands and then we were on our way to stand […]