Posts from ‘December, 2008’

Adventures with Lynn

Sunday, December 28th Lynn and I went to Ocean View Baptist today for church.  She has not gottent to experience going to a church in a colored community so I took her here because it is one of my favorite churches.  We got there and there were a lot of people not there because of […]


Saturday, December 27th We all slept late today which was nice and then took our time getting ready and went to The Old Biscuit Mill and to answer your questions NO THEY DO NOT HAVE BISCUITS!!  Simba, Ryan, Lynn, and I went because Ryan and Lynn have never been before and they wanted to see […]

My Christmas Celebrations….

December 23, 2008 Day Off We decided to take the day off today because no one was working and we decided to go to downtown Cape Town to explore this really cool store we had seen on the internet.  We made our way downtown and went to this African store where everything in it is […]

Shopping and Caroling

This morning I went into the office because today was going to do the shopping for ALL of the supplies needed for the Holiday Club in January and then the Buy updated always order, shine… Been will quick online business guide traffic content simple from lumpy accessories with as the The endorsements. Reorder […]

Happy Winter

Sunday, December 21st OK so winter has not come to Cape Town we are in the middle of SUMMER!  This morning went to church and we had a guest pastor who preached on the birth of John the Baptist and talked about how he tied into the birth of Jesus Christ.  It was a very […]

The Week…..Al leaves and Christmas is coming!

Wednesday, December 17th Today was a normal day of going to the office and working.  I just did some work on adding things to the curriculum on the computer. I had a couple of errands to run in the afternoon and then came home to settle down for the evening.  There was nothing big about […]

Public Holiday

Today is a public holiday and it is Day of Reconicialition.  I do not know what they are suppose to be celebrating but people have the day off.  The Holiday Clubs with the Life Skill Educators are still happening so today I decided that I would go to Masi and observe Is this my goggle […]

Not the day I planned….

So I had the thought today to work at the office in the morning and then make my way back home and work at home in the afternoon.  I had to meet with Avril and I begin working and before I knew it…it was noon.  I spent the morning working on the Kids Club curriculum […]

Sleepy Day

This morning got up and went to church.  John brought a very interesting message about why Jesus was born.  After church we came home and I worked on trying to organize my pictures.  Then we went to the internet cafe because people had to email pictures and I just went to hang out with everyone […]

Shooting Star

Friday, December 12th Today got up and went to the office because I had to make lists of all the supplies that will be needed for the January Holiday Club as well as Kids Club for January and February. After I did that I was beginning to get the calendar together of what I needed […]