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Weekend and a date with Jesus!

Thursday, March 26th 2009 I worked from the  M'berg office today.  It was kinda like every other day.  I was trying to get everything together for the training tomorrow.  I was busying making craft examples so we would have them for the training.  In the afternoon I went over to the church to get everything […]

Thinking of the Life Skill Educators

  Saturday, March 21st 2009 We all decided to sleep late this morning and just relax!  Then we decided to go to the Waterfront which is the mall because Chris (one of the vols from England) has never been there so we went for the afternoon. When we parked the car, BETTY (car name) decided […]

Oh adventures……Thrown into a pool!!!

  Tuesday, March 17th 2009 Well today was one of those office days again.  I spent the day working on squaring dates of training and things like that.  I also did some photo copying as well.  It was not a very exciting day!  Ryan, Chris, Jeremy , and I were invited to join the BBC […]

God is Encouraging!!!!

  Thursday, March 12th 2009 Today was just a normal work day!  I worked on getting copies made and things to be ready for training for tomorrow with the LSEs.  In the afternoon I was asked to help take this couple to one of the children's clubs in Masi.  The couple was here doing a […]

Movies and a bike race….

  Thursday March 5th and Friday March 6th 2009 Thursday and Friday I had the opportunity to go with the Capricorn Life Skill Educators on an overnight camp with 35 5th graders.  Look forward to hearing about what happened at the camp in this month's newsletter.  On Friday afternoon after I got back from the […]

Barefoot Bowling, Beauty and the Beast, and other stories from the week!!

  So since I am a week behind in my blog I thought I would just summarize the past week.  Last week was very exciting we had President Bush's press secretary and her husband here and I got to take them to two of the kids clubs in Masi and get to talk with them […]