Posts from ‘July, 2009’

A Good Weekend

Friday July 24th 2009 Well today felt like going back home.  We finally went back to having our LSE Friday trainings.  There have been a couple weeks where we did not meet because of holiday clubs and things like that so today was great for everyone to be together again!!  Kerri the Pathway team co-leader […]

God has blessed me and I have a date set!!!

I do not know where to even begin the past couple of weeks have been so busy. …… Corey has been here visiting me for the past 16 days and they have been wonderful.  We spend time in each community during Holiday Club week so she could see how each community works and the dynamics of […]

Running behind and trying to catch up!

Weekend at LSE Camp July 3-5th This past weekend I went on a retreat with all of the LSEs and the Vineyard team that is here.  It was a very relaxing time.  I got to have a little one on one quiet time with God because that was something I had so been longing for.  […]

A Summary

  I am going to admit I have been really bad about not writing as much as I have been.  Lately I have just gotten into a routine of just working and trying to spent as much time with the volunteers as I can.  I did have the opportunity to go to volunteer Bible study […]