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Well the BBC team is here and it has been so nice to have some people from home.  Well God in His sense of timing THE PACKAGE FROM AMY FINALLY CAME with all of the LSE curriculum for Holiday Club.  The night after the training is done!!  HA HA The training for the past two […]

How could I forget to add this………

 I do not know how I could forget these two events that happen this past week that show just how amazing God is!  On Thursday night Faith Promise (team from Knoxville, TN) was doing a community outreach celebration evening. The event was for the Mountain View community which is part of Ocean View and the […]

Time to Shop…..

  Wow it has been a little while since I wrote…time goes I mean before I know it a week has pasted and I realize that I have not blogged so allow me to catch everyone up one what is going on with me!  Well the computer deal is that my ac adapter was having […]

Reflection on Christmas music….

Time Time Time!!!  This past week I have been consumed by Christmas!  I have spent so much time listening to Christmas music trying to get inspired in writing December Holiday Club curriculum.  I spent a couple of days just searching for ideas on the internet and then spent a day and a half writing so […]