Posts from ‘October, 2009’

A week of meetings….

This week began the new adventure for me.  On Monday I started as the temporary fill in role for ACTS in taking care of the ACTS (short/long term volunteers).  So Monday I was running around a whole bunch and learning things as well.  What this job basically means is taking care of the vols in […]

Things I am still learning……

 I spent a lot of time sitting in front of the computer but also had to do some packing as well. The supply closet in the Prevention building had to be packed up because of wiring that was going to be done in the closet. Also I was waiting for shelves to be leveled to […]

It is quiet time!!

  Well this past week has been kinda quiet.  It started out by having to take all of the books off of the shelves because the shelves were going to get levelled this week.  Kendra was kind enough to help me with this was not that it was very time consuming but it was […]

The Boomerang Express….

Oh my gosh where to even begin.  The past week almost seems like a blur right now because it went by so quickly.  Well we had Holiday Club in all five areas where we do afternoon children's club.  We did Lifeway's Boomerang Express VBS curriculum and it was a wonderful success.  The week was very […]