Posts from ‘February, 2010’

Wind and Hot….and even some Mexican food

So the rest of last week I made it to two more clubs to do observations. On Tuesday night I went to Bible school and we had a great class where we learned about Christian Scientists as well as Scientology. The observations/assessments are going well. On Thursday I went to Red Hill I was actually […]

Valentines Day and Assessments begin……

This week was packed with all kinds of things.  First of all I have started going to a new gym that is cheaper than the one I was previously going to.  Well I had a meeting with a personal trainer and he set up a new program for me so this past week I was […]

Superbowl even in Cape Town………..

This past week I have been busy in the office but as well getting to go out to clubs as well. I was able to take some people to a couple of clubs this week and that was quite fun.  I also started taking a Bible class one night a week the class is teaching […]