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Well early this morning (4am) I was awoken by the sound of a cricket!  I thought it had arrived in my flat and decided to make a home.  I went walking around the flat and realized that it was actually outside but was so loud I could hear it in my room.  I just crawled back […]

Another week in Cape Town….and some RUGBY!

Sometimes I feel like I do not have much exciting things to report and my life is just like anyone else's so I welcome anyone who may have some questions about what I do or things like that.  I mean I love taking the time to kinda process my days but also you all are […]


Last week I was in the office working for the majority of the week.  On Tuesday and Wednesday I went to afternoon clubs and did assessments.  It is nice being able to get out and see what is going on and look at what things are working and what things we may need to tweak.  […]

Life this week…..retreat day, beach wedding

Oh my word I do not know where the time is going it is already March.  Well ok time for the annual week report about what life has been like…… Tuesday (23rd) some of us went to Home Affairs in Cape Town to find out information on getting a new visitors visa and all of […]