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Two Years Ago Today………

Two years ago today my world changed, I had surgery and faced one of the darkest valleys that I could have ever thought of! It is hard to believe that two years have passed since that day. This last weekend I spent some time just thinking about this past year and all that God had […]


I have been back in life and ministry in South Africa for a couple months now and things are in full swing. As always, I feel like the moment my feet hit the ground here I have been busy… but in a really good way! Last week concluded our three weeks of holiday clubs which […]

Coming to the USA……….

Here is an update of why I am heading back to the USA: I am not moving back to America. I have been blessed by my home church to take a month sabbatical, which will be starting January 9th . This is going to be a time where I ‘m going to focus on growing […]

Running the Race to 40……

The time has come and I am doing my best to embrace this new birthday number that is creeping up. I thought since I was turning 40 I would just have a moment to remember things that happened in my 30’s. My 30’s had things happen that I never would have ever thought of. As […]

Five Weeks Later……

Today marks five weeks since having surgery!  I feel like this week is the first time since surgery that I am starting to almost feel like myself.  I am still healing and having to see a wound sister (nurse) every two days to check on my incision but things are looking up.  I feel like […]

“Live By Faith, Not By Sight”

Since it is coming to that time of the year when everyone begins to reflect about the year….let’s just say I have had time to do some reflecting. Last week in one of my quiet times I read 2 Corinthians 5:7 which says, “For we live by faith, not by sight.” I can’t count the […]

God’s Timing

The past six months have been a time where I have really sought God in a different way then I ever have. When I found out the news that I was going to have to have this surgery it led to a whole lot of questions. I am sure for those of you who know […]


I have been spending some time the last month thinking about the number 6. Thinking about things that come in groups of six, which include donuts and soda….two things that are definitely not good for me! The number 6 also shares the amount of time I have spent in South Africa. This was going to […]

My Friday Night……LEADERSHIP

On Friday afternoon and evening I was lucky enough to attend a Leadership Conference called Leadercast.  Living Hope had been given tickets and of course I thought it would be a great opportunity.  It was an evening filled with different speakers sharing about different principals in regards to leadership. The theme of the event was […]


This week I have seen FAITH and TRUST in a whole new light. On Friday the Life Skill Educators were told that the DAD (Dollar A Day) funding that covers all of the cost of what we do is very low and there is only 33% of what is needed to cover our monthly expenses. […]