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Today these two words became so real to me! Fridays are the day when all of the Life Skill Educators get together and we have training. This morning started with a devotion that dealt with leadership ….the fact that Leadership is Built on Relationships. The devotion was based on Romans 12:15 which says, “Rejoice with […]

Holiday Carnivals…..A Simple Thing that can bring such JOY!!

This past week was one of the school holiday weeks. Normally we have a Holiday Club (aka Vacation Bible School) well this week I really thought and felt led to do something new. The reason for this was to change things up a little bit and also give the Life Skill Educators a chance to […]

Training Taken to a New Level!!!

  I know it has been a while since I have blogged and I am sorry for that.  I just get involved in day to day things here and then before I know it months have passed.  The past couple of months have been fast moving but I have also been able to have some […]

48 HOURS……………….

Well two big things have/are going to happen in the last 48 hours!!! I don’t have a bucket list but I have a list of things that since moving to South Africa have been things I would like to do if given the chance.  The first one may sound a little silly but having a […]

Reflection time from USA

Yesterday I was in a meeting with one of the teams of Life Skill Educators and this phrase was said and really had me thinking. The phrase was “we are only here because of someone else!” This really got me thinking about my time back in the USA for Christmas/Furlough and how true that statement […]


  I don’t have deep thoughts very often but I had one today and thought I would share it: Today as I was visiting one of the afternoon children’s clubs I was watching as the children came in and immediately went over to the Life Skill Educators and long term volunteers and hugged them.  I […]

1,461 DAYS!

I would have never of guessed that four years ago when I boarded a plane to live in South Africa for a year that it would actually be boarding a plane that would literally change my entire life. I remember arriving here and being so scared and not knowing what I had gotten myself into! […]

Being sick… can learn something

March started out like any other month busy getting ready for two weeks of Holiday Programmes and going to get away for a few days with the other volunteers at this great beach.  While on holiday I had to go to the emergency room because I had a kidney stone.  (For those of you who […]

An announcement………………….

I wanted to update some things that have been going on with me here in Cape Town. As you know I began attending Cape Town Baptist Seminary in January of 2011 where I started working on a Bachelors of Theology degree. For the past two months I have struggled with seminary and if it was […]

What a night!!!

“I slept and dreamed that life was happiness, I awoke and saw that life was service, I served and found in service happiness is found.” Quote from Rainbranth Tagore, Indian Poet This quote really hit me this morning after being able to serve last night! Last night I had the opportunity to go with the […]