My Story

In September 2004, I boarded a plane bound for Cape Town, South Africa. Little did I know this trip would change the plans I had for my life!  While on this mission trip, I fell in love with the people I encountered in South Africa.  The mission trip consisted of doing some construction work, but, oh! the afternoons were where my heart was blessed beyond measure.  Each afternoon the team would help at an afternoon children’s club in one of the local townships…on average there were over a 100 children there each day!  I was able to just let these children know how much God loved them.  Upon returning to life in the USA, I could not stop thinking about the children that I had seen and what my eyes had been opened to.  After a lot of praying and seeking, again, in September 2005, I boarded a plane to Cape Town. This trip, I had the opportunity to connect with some individuals and build relationships and, in fact, even got to share at one of the township schools.  When I left South Africa that trip, I knew something was different. God was doing something, but I just was not quite sure what exactly it was.
On a mission trip to Thailand in June 2007, God made it clear to me that He was calling me back to South Africa. Not for a short term mission trip, though, to live there for a certain period of time.  After much praying and seeking wise council it was so clear that God was opening the door for me to move to South Africa.  I talked with Avril Thomas from Living Hope and found out there was a need for my teaching skills and children’s ministry experience.  On May 27, 2008 I boarded a plane thinking I was going to serve for a year at Living Hope and then come back to the USA…….God has very different plans.
I started as the Curriculum Coordinator for the Life Skill Educators in helping develop, write, and train the them on curriculum and how children learn.   I have been at Living Hope working with the Life Skill Educators for three years now.  During this time, God has done wonderful things! God has used me to be an encouragement and mentor to the Life Skill Educators as they teach the children each and every day in the different townships.