Well, the VISA arrived no problems! I finished packing up my classroom and with a little help from my parents everything is now at home and is unpacked. I can not believe I leave in just a couple of days. This week has been busy finishing school and saying goodbyes (only for a year) to MANY of my friends and coworkers and not to mention the kids at BBC! As of right now I

have one suitcase totally packed and another is about half full so all is going well. I am just taking a break to check email and talk for a second. I can not believe how God has been so faithful the past couple of weeks…..people keep asking me if I am scared and I always answer with no I am just ready to go and do what God wants me to do. Well I am starting to get sleepy so I am going to wake myself up and get back to packing. Tomorrow is hair cut day and BBQ with friends…I am looking forward to getting to Cape Town andgetting into a routine!



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