A Good Weekend

Friday July 24th 2009

Well today felt like going back home.  We finally went back to having our LSE Friday trainings.  There have been a couple weeks where we did not meet because of holiday clubs and things like that so today was great for everyone to be together again!!  Kerri the Pathway team co-leader taught the LSEs on some new concepts to teach Bible stories and it went

really well!  Then we had some business stuff to do and talk through.  The last thing we did was have a farewell for one of the LSE's who is leaving.  It was sad but happy at the same time.  

Afterwards I went and met Jeremy because we had planned to spend some time together this afternoon because he is leaving tomorrow.  I can not believe that his time here has come to an end and I feel like with him I have another brother!  Well we went downtown to the market because he needed to do some shopping and so I helped him with that and then we grabbed a bite to eat and just did a little more shopping for him.  We then made out way to Pat's house because she was having all of the volunteers over as well as Mike and Pam for Christmas in July.  So we did the whole white elephant gift game, ate food, shared stories, and then watched Fred Clause.  I have to confess it got me excited about coming home for Christmas and it is funny because here it is winter right now so it is cold and  feeling Christmas but it is not!!  

Saturday, July 25th 2009

Today was the Wait 4 Me concert day!  I got to King of Kings early to help set up for the concert.  Let me tell you about the concert it is for children grade 6 and up that the LSEs work with in schools and clubs who have signed a pledge to wait for their future spouse!  They were expecting about 800 children.  A little while into setting up I had to go along wth Kenny and Carla (married couple here for a year volunteering with Living Hope…..they are so wonderful and I am so glad they are here) to go and get fruit.  We went down the road to get the fruit and oh my we had to but the oranges in my car and so at one point we had almost 400 oranges in the trunk of my car in nothing just laying there.  We had a really good laugh over it!!  Well the concert was awesome and things went so well.  This was the second time they have done this and I have to say the LSEs learned a whole lot after last year's so they made changes and this year's was so great!!!  

After the concert Pat, Kate, Al and I took Jeremy to the airport. For those of you counting that is two trips to the airport in 48 hours!!!  I was worried about how I was going to do saying goodbye but I think I did really well.  YES of course I cried but it was not a lot and not for a long time so I was excited by that!  We then came home and watched the rugby game that was on  called the parents for the weekly check in and then I went to bed!! 

 Sunday, July 26th 2009

I went to church this morning at King of Kings and then had a couple errands to run.  Carla and I went and had lunch with two of the girl volunteers that are leaving tomorrow.  Yes again the theme is people leaving but I am doing well with it…..not crying or feeling homesick PRAISE THE LORD!  We went and had a lovely lunch and just talked it was a beautiful sunny day here so we enjoyed being outside.  Then I came home watched a movie and now I am just catching up on emailing, blogging, and waiting to eat dinner with the Pathway team when they get home.

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