Adventures with Lynn

Sunday, December 28th

Lynn and I went to Ocean View Baptist today for church.  She has not gottent to experience going to a church in a colored community so I took her here because it is one of my favorite churches.  We got there and there were a lot of people not there because of the holidays but it was still an amazing service.  Everytime I go to church here I always feel

God's presence in some way or another and I love that.  We sang the song "Reign In Me" and I could just feel God's presence.  Then the pastor shared a message about God's plans and our plans and talked alot about how we plan but it is God who knows things from the end and the begining.  It was really good!  Then Lynn, Ryan, and I met and had lunch.  Lynn asked me of I could take her to this store because she had to get some gifts before she leaves on Wednesday so we began our adventures for the day.  Then she has been wanting to look at finding a Tanzinite ring.  We had already looked at some places and now Gordon (he works for the Team House) was going to take her to look at rings.  She asked me to go with her to give my opinion so we went on another adventure.  Lynn looked around and I just offered my thoughts and then we came home back to the Team House.  The evening is consisting of relaxing on the couch, eating dinner, and the possibility of watching a movie.  I love days like this spending time with friends and just taking the day as it comes!


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