Another week in Cape Town….and some RUGBY!

Sometimes I feel like I do not have much exciting things to report and my life is just like anyone else's so I welcome anyone who may have some questions about what I do or things like that.  I mean I love taking the time to kinda process my days but also you all are the ones who read this and if there is something you would like to know about that is what I would write about as well.&nbsp

; This past week was a little bit busy there was a team here from Shades Mountain Baptist Church in Alabama.  They have been here for a couple of years and so I am getting to see some returning people and that is what is very fun about my job at the Team House because  I can visit with the people I know and at the same time get to meet new people!

I did a couple of afternoon club assessments this past week as well as visiting a club where I was able to talk to a girl that I have been praying for and God has answered the prayer so it was neat to visit with her and share that excitement with her.  I also have been getting ready for Holiday Club training which was on Friday.  I struggled a little bit with preparing for this because I wanted their input but we did not have time to have a discussion group regarding the curriculum.  Well one morning and I was getting ready and God just gave me the idea of having them teach each other this time in the training.  So that is what we did on Friday.  I gave them all of the info and divided them into groups and they presented to the rest of the group.  It went really well and I was so proud of them.  The funny part was I was more tired because of just running around and getting things for the groups as well as going around and sitting in on the groups and just trying to be a part of what was going on.  I think it went really well and we will see in two weeks when they teach it during Holiday Club time. 

Yesterday I was blessed enough to go to another rugby game.  I have to tell you it is a sport I truly do enjoy.  The great part is the tickets are not expensive so that makes it even better!  All of the volunteers went and it was fun to see the faces of the people who were watching the game for the first time and seeing them enjoy the game.  Besides the fact that we had really great seats down front which is always a plus!!!

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