Back Home in Cape Town!!

Monday, May 25th 2009

We got back late last night after spending the past two days on a backpackers bus.  We literally were on a bus for 14 hours one day and like 13 the other.  We were all ready to be home!  I got all of my belongings from our ACTS house and moved to the Team House where I have my own flat(studio apartment).  It has a bed, bathroom, sink,  and little

bar sitting area… is perfect.  Also, it is right at the Team House so I get to hang out with teams as well as having the amazing view of the ocean.  I know I am spoiled.  I then went and had lunch with Pat to catch up and share a little about our three week trip in Africa.  Or you could also say that I was putting off trying to unpack.  I have acquired so much stuff here that I have no idea where I am going to put it all and I need to sort through it but I am such a bad pack rat!!  Then I did spend quite a bit of time this afternoon unpacking and trying to get settled in.  Then Jeremy, Ryan, and I were having dinner with Avril at her house.  We had a great relaxed evening of just sitting and visiting and talking about life and travel.  Then we were all so tired and I was excited to spend the first night in my new place….on my own.  WOW I am growing up!!

Tuesday, May 26th 2009

Well, I spent my first night in my flat and slept well.  I woke up really early because I have been dreading this day for the past nine months.  Ryan leaves today!  I got up and just used the time to have some quiet time with God and tried to do some more unpacking!  Then Ryan and Jeremy called and we ran some errands that Ryan needed to do.  We went to the Living Hope offices and he was saying his goodbyes and then we went and had lunch with the Talleys and Pat.  The weather today was incredible the sun was shinning and the sky was so blue and the temperature was perfect!  We sat and had a nice lunch and I was very quiet because I was just trying not to cry.  There were a couple of times during lunch and talking that tears came out but I also kept my sunglasses on…..thank you Lord for the sun today to hide puffy eyes!  Jeremy and I then drove Ryan to the airport!  Again one of the longest drives for me because I was just trying not to cry but of course tears came.  We got to the airport and walked Ryan in and I think you all know I cried BIG TIME!  I tried to hold it back but I was a complete girl and lost it.  Jeremey and I watched Ryan walk away and got back to the car and I had a break down in the car.  I am fine but it is funny because literally a year ago you do not even know a person and then a year later you have spent time together and traveled around Africa.  I love how God surprises us and brings amazing friends into our lives.  Well after my crying Jeremy and I went to this mall to spend a little time so we would not have to sit in traffic.  I am thankful to have him here for the next two months.  Again God is so amazing to not only allow me to serve at Living Hope but also meet some amazing people that have become so near and dear to my heart!!

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