I have now been in the USA a couple of weeks and it does still feel a little weird.  There are many things that I truly do appreciate about being in the USA like fast internet, more conveniences, more choices, but I also miss the slow pace of Cape Town and just the life that I have come to know there.  I have eaten so much souther food and enjoyed every moment I have gotten to visit with

friends and family.  I also have to say getting to be at Brentwood Baptist on a Sunday morning has been very special for me. 

I have also been praying about what the future holds and God is working and moving and I am excited to see what 2010 holds.  This week has been filled with having some one on one time with friends and tonight I just got back from the movies and seeing Invicitis with my family.  It was nice to share that movie with them so they could see a little bit about South Africa and the land that I now call home.  It also gave me the chance to see Table Mountain in the background as I sit in a movie theatre in Nashville. 

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