Do you really need a BRAKE?

So this morning I had my first driving lesson with Pam.  Well first I could not get the car started every time I tried to slowly lift off the clutch and push on the gas I would stall and stall and stall and stall and stall!  Well after Pam and I kept laughing she realized that the emergency brake was on the whole time!  There was even a woman who came by and we told her that Pam

was teaching me how to drive and she said I noticed you have not moved much so we had to share that this was my first time driving a stick!  So I did finally get the car moving and I was so excited, I shifted gears and did well.  Then we stopped and Pam wanted me to go in reverse and I had a hard time with starting again with the clutch and the brake!  So I would please ask for your prayers as I am trying to learn how to drive!!! 🙂              I then spent the morning at the Life

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Skills educators meeting.  They meet on   Fridays and today they shared about what was going on in each location and then they did some planning for a ralley that will be happening at the end of July called "Wait for Me" and I got to watch their skits.  Tonight we are just relaxing at home and watching a British movie….random knowledge the temperature here today was low 60's and sunny!


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