God has blessed me and I have a date set!!!

I do not know where to even begin the past couple of weeks have been so busy. ……..so Corey has been here visiting me for the past 16 days and they have been wonderful.  We spend time in each community during Holiday Club week so she could see how each community works and the dynamics of each area as well.  Then we spent some time organizing the supply closet at the new Prevention

building and had loads of fun with that.  Two teachers getting to unpack and organize supplies!!!  🙂   We also managed to get to see some of the beautiful sights of this awesome city that I get to live in.  I took her and showed her Table Mountain, Signal Hill, Kamps Bay, as well as countless other places here that have captured my heart!

One really cool thing we did was go on a overnight safari in Cape Town.  I was blessed to of been invited to go all expenses taken care of and we had a great time.  The drive there was so breath-taking because we got to drive through the mountains and there was snow on top of the mountains as well as a heard of babbons on the side of the road!  We got to go on a early evening ride and see all kinds of animals including (elephants, rhinos, ostriches, springbok, zebra, HIPPOS, and lions).  It was so cool to see them and the neat thing about this game park is that it is kinda small but you do get to see all of the animals.  We then went and got to go and ahve a really nice dinner and just enjoyed the eveing.  While eating we kept hearing these drums and we found out you could go and have gymbae drum lessons.  So of course Corey and I were all about it!!  We had a fun time and learned that I struggle with rhythm!  Afterwards we went back to our room and sat outside by the river creek and talked and looked at stars.  I know I saw at least 6 shooting stars.  The sky was just magificant…as well as the thought that wild animals could come to the river creek at any time.  The next morning we got up early and went on another game ride and we were layered up and ready for the cold morning.  We got to see lots of animals again as well as seeing them begining to wake up in the morning.  We pulled up just at the time when the rhino baby was trying to wake up his brother and sister and that was funny.  We then went into the lion area and I got a little scared beacuse those lions looked a little hungry but all was ok.  After the ride we had a nice breakfast and then hung out on lawn chairs for the morning and just talked and talked and talked.  Before we went and had lunch there were elephants that came up close to the river bed and Corey was able to see them up close.

Also this past week a team that I have know the leaders for years have come and it feels like old friends coming together with Kerri and her team being here!  They are a team made up mostly of teenagers that have made a one hour drama about HIV/AIDS mixed with music and a band and the teenagers do everything and it is such a blessing to see young people doing something like that.

Last Friday was a HUGE HIGHLIGHT in my time here in South Africa because I got to have a video skype with Brentwood Baptist during their Vacation Bible School and got to hear the sounds of children that I miss so much!  I was interviewed and got to share about life in Cape Town and what I do each day.  Last year when this happened I ended up being homesick for the rest of the weekend because I missed everyone.  This year I could not stop smiling because it just warmed my heart to know that everyone at home was thinking of me.

This week has been a little crazy with trying to completely get back into the swing of things.  My time with Corey has been something that I can not even describe.  We have know each other since I was 13 and lost touch for some years and reconnected about six months ago and now I feel like we are closer than I am with people I have not know as long.  She has seen this world that I live in and love as well as meeting people that are so near and dear to me and for that I would say that we are so humbled that God would choose either one of us to be here.  I loved showing her around and can not wait to see what God is going to do with her time here and what will come next for her and her husband.


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