God is Amazing!!

Thursday, June 4th 2009

This was an unplanned kind of day.  Since I was suppose to be at a training I took today to get things organized.  There were quite a few boxes of stuff from where we used to live that is stuff that is things that teams or volunteers have left and I have just put in boxes.  Well today I went through it all and counted and took inventory of it all which was

something that needed to be done I just did not have the time.  I then decided to go to kids club in Masi.  I went to the one club that literally has been meeting in the dirt and I have talked about that before well since we were gone on our trip a "structure building" has been built.  It was pouring down rain today and the cool thing was all of these kids could come inside and get out of the rain and get warm!  We ended up watching a movie and the kids loved it!! 

I then came home and was catching up on emailing and waiting for the new team to arrive.  The team is from Shades Mountain Baptist Church they are a group of college students.  We all ate dinner and then I went with some of the guy volunteers to the movies for a late movie!

Friday, June 5th 2009

I woke up early so I decided to join the team for a cooked breakfast upstairs!!  I woke to lots of wind and rain!  I got ready and then made my way to our Friday training meeting. There was a lot going on today so I had to make my training quickly which just meant we could not do a lot of the activities and I just talked through the curriculum.  Then it was straight to training for Upward Soccer camp….they are going to do that the second week of July after our Holiday Club curriculum week. I think it will be great for the kids in all of the different townships especially with the World Cup coming here in 2010!  After that we talked about the Wait 4 Me concert and then had an amazing prayer time.  This month and next have so much going on so we spent some time praying for all of the things going on.  Then I had lunch with the other volunteers and spent the afternoon with them. This afternoon we were tourists and went to Simon's Town to go to a couple of museums…we went to the Simon's Town museum which tells the history of the town.  Simon's Town is a navy town so it is pretty cool and also that is where all of the penguins live.  We then went to the Navy museum after that.  It was fun and something different to do on a rainy Friday afternoon.  I then went back to the volunteer house and played cards with the other volunteers.  I came back to the team house and hung out with the team and then actually played a little bit of Trivial Pursuit.  I also talked to a friend on face book and she actually booked a ticket and is coming here to visit and check out Living Hope.  This is such a God thing because a year ago we were not really in contact with each other and we were in youth group together.  We lost touch but as most people we have reconnected on face book and now she is coming to South Africa in a month!  God is amazing.  Right now the wind and rain are howling outside and I am glad to be

inside I think it is time that I go to bed!!  Good night


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