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Thursday, March 12th 2009

Today was just a normal work day!  I worked on getting copies made and things to be ready for training for tomorrow with the LSEs.  In the afternoon I was asked to help take this couple to one of the children's clubs in Masi.  The couple was here doing a scouting trip to see about bringing some teams here in 2010.  I met

them and talked to them about what I am doing here with Living Hope and it turns out they work for a publishing company so I am hoping this may be the start of some amazing networking!  Then Chris, Jeremy, Ryan, and I were asked to help at a meet and greet for the BBC music team and the people they would be meeting this weekend with their music seminars.  It was so exciting to see some familiar faces.  I do not know everyone on the team but to know that you are from the same place is a wonderful feeling of home and was a true blessing!  We had some praise and worship and that was wonderful.  Jeremy and Maribeth sang the most amazing song I have heard well and let just say I was a little taken over by some tears!  Then we went back to the church to do some finishing up of things for the music seminars for the team.

Friday, March 13th 2009

Well today would be called meeting day!!  I had a meeting first thing with the Life Skill team leaders.  We met to talk about the afternoon kids clubs.  We created an evaluation form two months ago so we went over how everything was working and lots of positive feedback from them.  It was a great meeting in which we talked about the freedom they have and they had a couple of concerns about things that we talked through but I was very happy with the outcome of the meeting.  Then went to our usual Friday meeting and Pam was doing a dental hygiene lesson with them and it was so great.  The cool thing was looking around the room and seeing all of the light bulbs going off on top of their heads from everything they were learning.  Then it was my turn to go over two lessons. For the past couple of weeks I have had to teach two lessons at once and I do not like doing that because we do not get a chance to play some of the games but we were missing this next Friday so it needed to be done.  Hopefully this is our last time of having to teach two at the same time!  After my lesson than the social workers did an activity with the LSEs.  We finished up at 12:30 and then I was going to be meeting with people from each team to look at the April Holiday Club curriculum and talk through it before our training on it in a couple of weeks.  As a surprise I took those people to McDonalds for lunch (thanks to the children at BBC) and we met there.  It was a very productive meeting they came up with some great ideas and I think this is going to be a great curriculum and it gives them more say in what is going on and I like that.  After that meeting I went back to help out with the BBC music seminar.  They were finishing up so Jeremy, Chris, and I decided to go and check out this place right across the street from our house.   For those of you who have been here before there is a game reserve with a restaurant right next door to Living Hope (Head office) and so we went there.  We decided to grab a coke and sit outside because it was a lovely evening.  We ended up being asked to join these women who were fascinated by what we were doing in South Africa.  Ryan came and joined us and we ended up sitting around and talking at this restaurant.  They had an area where you could build a fire so the boys did and we decided to grab dinner and just hang out.  You would not believe all of the people that just starting conversations with us.  They were interested in what we were doing here and so we had lots of chances to talk about Living Hope and also the different ministries we are involved in.  It was a really nice evening of just enjoying being outside in God's creation and meeting lots of people.

Saturday, March 14th2009

We spend the day helping with the BBC music team seminars at King of Kings.  Since I did not get to help yesterday today I pretty much just did what was needed which consisted of cleaning dishes, making copies, taking pictures, and recording some seminar sessions.  We even had the chance to sit in on a couple of the seminars so that was kinda cool.  All of you that know me know that I do not have musical talents but it was so cool to see people using the gifts that God has given them as well as teaching others how to do that as well.  We were at the church all day and then I helped get things set up for dinner for the team and the volunteers because after the all day workshops there was a concert.  So it was a full day but the concert was quite exciting because it featured people who had come to the workshops as well as some of the BBC people singing which was such a blessing to me!  All in all it was a busy long day but so worth it and I enjoyed myself!!! J

Sunday, March 15th 2009

Went to King of Kings this morning and again it was great to see the BBC music team helping lead worship with some of the worship team from King of Kings.  John preached on Jesus lifestyle of worship and man he had some great points.  After church we went home and just relaxed….I was so tired from the weekend I just wanted to rest.  Ryan and I ended up watching Fireproof (WOW) it was such a good movie and then I had to get ready to go back to church.  Last fall I helped out with a program called DC4K which helps children of divorce, well we are doing the class again and today was the first one.  I got to church and there are five of us as adult leaders who are helping and we had two children show up.  Both of these children went through the class with us in the fall so it was a little discouraging but we will see what the Lord has in store.  I then came home and made some phone calls and called it a night!

Monday, March 16th 2009

This morning I went to Masi to go over the preschool lesson with the two LSEs who work with preschoolers.  I then had to go and pick up supplies at the office so over the mountain I went.  Igot back home and worked from there on coloring some things that Chris had drawn for the preschool club in Masi.  The morning was a little hard for me and I felt discouraged but just like God always does He brings us encouragement exactly when we need it.  I had some great emails from people who just said we were praying for you today we do not know why but God put you on our heart and so it was such a testimony that God is watching over me!  I feel so blessed!  It was a nice end to a day that was not what I had thought!

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