I can’t believe that two weeks of World Cup have passed!  It has been very busy here and I have so enjoyed getting the chance to go to each club and just be an extra set of hands for the day and just have some fun!  We were blessed this week to have a team from Shades Mountain Baptist Church in Alabama helping in two of our clubs and I know our LSEs were

so grateful for all of their help!  I spent two days with them and then made my way to other clubs.  One day I got to teach the Bible story to the preschool group in Ocean View and that was an experience I must say!!  They were so precious and I was trying to make things so exciting for them that I was having to constantly be moving to keep their attention.  I am still spending my afternoons trying to write curriculum and it has been a little hard because my mind is still thinking about Holiday Clubs and trying to then sit and focus and write has been a little hard.  I did spend Friday writing which was a great blessing.  I did not go to any clubs because on Fridays they just play sports in the morning and well you all know I don’t really play sports!  HA HA

I have been watching quite a few soccer matches on TV in fact more than I ever have watched in my life.  It is fun when we watch them in groups because most of the time I get a little bored so I can then talk to people as well!  Yesterday was a day to be a tourist……..  Four of us decided to take the train and go to downtown Cape Town and go to the Fan Park.  They have this fan park area set up in all of the cities that are having games and it free and you can go in and watch games on the big screen and of course buy food and souvenirs.  We went and checked it out and it was fun.  We did see some people walking around decked out in USA fan gear!

Well it is now time to get ready for another week so who knows what this week has in store but I will keep you updated!!  THANKS FOR PRAYING!

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