Happy Winter

Sunday, December 21st

OK so winter has not come to Cape Town we are in the middle of SUMMER!  This morning went to church and we had a guest pastor who preached on the birth of John the Baptist and talked about how he tied into the birth of Jesus Christ.  It was a very neat illustration that I had not heard during this time of year before.  We came home from church and made

a little lunch and then relaxed for a while….then we decided to head to Hout Bay.  Lynn and I were going to go to the market that they have on Sunday afternoons.  We brought along Simba..who is our chef at the team house.  He is from Zimbawae and is with us for a month cooking and taking care of us.  He looks and talks like Michael Tait (from DC Talk) he went with us and we just walked around and hung out!  We then went to this coffee shop and it was so cool because they were playing Christmas music and for a minute it felt like Christmas until we walked outside and it was HOT!!  We then came home and talked to the parents.  Then we had a little excitement!  I was on the phone and Ryan walked in and said we had no dinner and here is what happened…we have had a cat hanging around the team house lately well apparently the cat came in the house and climbed up and helped himself to our meat for dinner that was defrosting.  So needless to say we had to order pizza instead of Simba cooking for us!  We all had a good laugh out of it and it is now Monday and we have not seen the cat!  I left before dinner to go to church because they were having a special evening service.  The kids from the Capricorn church were coming and doing a special Christmas program and then we were going to sing Christmas carols by candlelight!  It was a nice evening the kids did a wonderful job and I was so proud of them.  Then we sang and it was one of the first times as I sung Christmas carols I could feel God 's presence while we sang and it was really awesome.  I came home and ate my pizza and then just relaxed and then headed to bed!


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