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Tuesday, February 17th 2009

This morning I just worked in the office at M'berg.  After work I just came home and relaxed and actually did some reading.  I am finding that I want to get back into reading for pleasure.  I did that when I first got here but then I stopped so know it is something I am trying to to get back into the habit of doing.  I also had just

some alone time in my room of just emailing people and doing a little bit of chatting on face book with some old friends!  I can't get over that I can be sitting in my bedroom in South Africa talking to friends back in the states… blows my mind.  Thank you God for the internet!!! J

Wednesday, February 18th 2009

Today I went over to the head offices at Capri and worked because I did not really have to go to M'berg so I worked at Capri for the morning.  I spent the morning going through and working on making additional activities for the afternoon kids club.  I also spent a little bit of time talking to one of the Life Skill Educators who came over to the Capri office.  I am learning how to sit in front of my computer each day and just type and of course there are moments when I have to get up and walk around because if I do not my brain just hurts from thinking and not taking a break so it is good when I chat with people as well as work.  I never thought I would be typing as much as I do each day but I get excited when I see the Life Skill Educators using the curriculum and seeing how the kids are excited about it when I am at kids club.  Also one good thing about working on the computer each day it is helping with my typing skills! J

Thursday, February 19th 2009

Went to work in M'berg office today because I had to finish getting things ready for Life Skill training tomorrow as well as looking at lessons yet to come and adding supplemental ideas as well.  I basically spent my day just doing that sitting in front of my laptop!  Jeremy, Chris, and I were invited out to dinner with Ryan and his family so I went home after work and got ready for dinner.  We went to one of our favorite restaurants called FSH!  Oh my word it is so good and we just had a great evening of conversation and good food.  I have to tell you they have one of the best desserts I have ever had CHOCOLATE BANANNA SPRING ROLLS.  They are amazing!!  After dinner we came home and went to sleep.

Friday, February 20th 2009…..Foot in Mouth Morning

This morning started out quite funny for me.  It was Life Skill training day and I had sent an email to the team leaders asking them to make sure that all of the Life Skill Educators were on time because this morning I had to go over two lessons in the amount of time I usually cover one lesson so we were going to work fast!  Well I ended up being ten minutes late……oh they did not let me forget it either!  I have never been late to one of our meetings but I had an errand to run before the meeting and was talking with someone and ended up getting to church late!  The cool part was that all of them were there which really made me feel good that they would do that and be on time!  I told them that for our next meeting I would owe them a treat because they were on time and I was not…of course they want homemade chocolate chip cookies but I think they may get

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muffins again!  After the training we had a house meeting with Mandy and it went well just talking about how things have gone in the house this week.  Then Jeremy and I went to the team house to have lunch with Ryan and his family along with a missionary couple that Ryan's dad knows and they work in Zambia.  In May we are going to take a trip there so we got the opportunity to meet them and hear about their ministry and kinda what we will be doing so that was very exciting.  After lunch we went back to the house and I helped Jeremy and Chris do a job they needed to get done.  There was a floor in one of the rooms on the Living Way campus that they were sanding by hand and helped them.  Oh my word it was hard work we only did it for an hour and a half and I was worn out.  They had been working on it all week and we were done to the end I do not know how they did it all week because it was hard.   We literally took sand paper and just scrubbed and scrubbed and I said I felt like Cinderella scrubbing floors J!  We finished and then we were invited out to dinner with some friends.  Our dinner outing was very interesting the restaurant was going through a lot of changes and it was a very interesting meal but the company of who we ate with was nice and worth each moment!  We came home and just all went to bed!  


Saturday, February 21st 2009

I had to go to DC4K training today at King of Kings.  We are starting it back up in March and so today there was a training class because we have two more women helping us with the program.  I am excited that there will be five of us adults working with the kids!  We are going to be doing the DC4K on Sunday afternoons this time instead of Monday nights so we will see how that goes.  I did that all morning and half of the afternoon.  I came home and Jeremy and Chris needed to go to the mall so we went to this mall I have never been to before and for those of you in Nashville it reminded me of Green Hills the way it was set up so I had a moment this afternoon thinking about home….however there was no Cheesecake Factory L!  After the mall we came home and had dinner and then we decided to finish our Lord of The Rings movies so now I can say that I have seen every one of them.  It was a nice Saturday with a little bit of relaxing kicked in which is what I enjoy!!


Sunday, February 22nd 2009

This morning I went to church in Capricorn and it was a service led completely by the youth.  I just sat there and was amazed at how God is using the kids of Capricorn in such mighty ways.  One of the boys even brought a message and wanted to have the podium to do it.  I could not completely understand what he said because he spoke in Afrikans but it was such a wonderful thing to see.  I went home and had lunch…and then got ready to go out.  Today is Pat's birthday (she is a long term missionary that helps at Living Hope and is from North Carolina she is like a mom to all of us here) so we were having a girly afternoon.  We went to this rose garden and had tea and then went and picked roses.  It was so cool Sundays is half price day so for 2 Rand a stem you can go and cut roses and they had tons and tons of roses.  All different colors it was just so much fun.  I just had the best time just walking through the roses and trying to decide which ones to pick!  I ended up getting yellow, some pink, a couple red, and a couple white as well.  They have this one rose called Double Delight and it just smells wonderful I got a couple of those to put in my room at the house.  I picked mostly buds so I could watch them open up and enjoy them for a longer amount of time.  I got home and got the roses all arranged and put them in my room and was so excited to see how they were going to look.  About one hour later I was on the phone with my parents and looked over at the roses and some of them were starting to open.  One of the white roses was opening up and it looked so pretty.  OK I have gotta say I really like having the fresh flowers in my room it just feels so much more like home.   Then we were going out to dinner to celebrate Pat's birthday so we went to this restaurant called The Red Herring and just had a nice evening of dinner and conversation.  When we got home I went to bed.

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