Hot Days


Monday, February 23rd 2009

Today I spent the morning at the office in M'berg.  I was working on the next couple of lessons for Kids Club.  I also spent some time talking to some of the Life Skill Educators because they were asking my advice on some things they were going to be doing soon.  At lunch I went back over the mountain to our house to eat and

work from home for a little while.  I then took some people to one of the kids clubs in Masi.  We visited the club that I wrote about a couple of weeks ago where they do club in the dirt and   I was going to be taking some people to one of the kids clubs in Masi.  I was excited to see they have cleared some of the area so there is a little more room for them to do club but they are still conducting club in a dirt field.  After club we went to Mandy's for dinner and then had Bible study.  Tonight for Bible study she had a couple come over from her church and they talked about books and Christian books that can help us along with reading the Bible.  It was a interesting evening and we had a nice discussion about what books we have read lately as well as them sharing some books with us.  Next week we are going to look at books on topics that we struggle with.  We came home and I got ready for bed.

Tuesday, February 24th 2009

Today was an earlier start because I was going to

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a meeting at the office in M'berg.  Chantel (Avril's assistant) and I were meeting with some people who are interested in how Living Hope and the Life Skill Educators got involved in school and teaching Life Skills.  So we met and talked about the curriculum and they had lots of questions.  After the meeting I worked on the kids club curriculum and those people went with the LSEs to school.  Two of the women came back and asked to meet with me and we talked more about what they had seen and they were very excited to get started in Durban where they live.  I got picked up at lunch time and went back home to work for the afternoon.  I did not get a whole lot done because I had a headache and it is so HOT today it is a little hard to focus because you just want to be in the shade and not moving!  I decided I needed to get out and take a break so I went to Fish Hoek beach and thought that I could have just some quiet time and spend some time with God.  I got to the beach and it was so crowded with people so it was a little harder than I thought.  I just sat and rested and took in the opportunity of being there!  I came home and then read a little bit.  We have just eaten dinner and now we are watching a movie!!

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