I am HERE!

So first of all I made it through all of the plane rides….I could feel all of your prayers!  I did not sleep a whole lot but that is ok.  Just to let you know know when we were in the DC airport I did get a Ben and Jerry's smoothie!  So we made it to the Team House and I had my first Kit Kat cone and it was as wonderful as I have always remembered!  So then I was taken

to my bed and breakfast that I am staying at and it is just AMAZING!  I have my own room with my own bathroom and there is a mini-fridge and a microwave and a TV!  SO needless to say God is so providing and I am so humbled by what is going on!  I meet with Mike tomorrow morning to find out what is going on and what my job is going to consist of.  Please pray for what decisions need to be made because I have some I need to make.  I look forward to hearing from each of you.

Thank you so much for those of you that wrote notes and even came to the airport.  For the Project HIPPO people I love my calendar!  I will write more tomorrow!

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