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Saturday, June 6th 2009

I enjoyed sleeping in for just a little bit this morning.  I then went and ate breakfast with the team and they left and I went to go and work out.  I then got ready because all of the girl volunteers as well as Carla, Pat, and Pam were going to have a girl afternoon.  We had decided that we would go out to lunch and then see what the

rest of the afternoon had in store.  Well we decided to go to Cavendish and went to this wonderful little café in the middle of the woods.  It was recommended to us and I was given directions and I was so excited because I found it and did not get lost!! J  We had a nice lunch and then decided to go to the mall and just walk around.  It was a fun afternoon of just girls hanging out.

I then went home to the team house and hung out with the team from Shades Mountain.  We ate dinner and then played Trivial Pursuit.  While we were playing Faith Promise another team arrived.  I just hung out upstairs with the teams for the evening and then went to bed.

Sunday, June 7th 2009

Got up and got ready for church.  I am enjoying getting to go and have meals with the teams and getting to know other people it is cool.  After breakfast, went to King of Kings for church and John preached an amazing sermon on the role of women according to 1 Timothy.  I really enjoyed what he had to say about the verses.  Then I went back to the team house and relaxed for a little bit.  Jeremy and I decided we were going to hang out for the afternoon because since we have gotten back from our Africa trip we have not gotten to hang out.  We were craving Mexican food so we went to this place that we were told is the best food ever well they were CLOSED!  I was so upset because I have not had real Mexican food in the year that I have been here and I do so miss it!  We found this other place and had a lite lunch.  The day was so beautiful we decided to go to Simon's Town and just sit outside and watch the seals in the water.  The one thing I really like about South Africa is that people take advantage of a sunny day in the middle of winter!  I then went home and had some phone calls I needed to make.  I also ate dinner with the teams and was just around the house.

Monday, June 8th 2009

I started this morning by picking up Carla (her husband and her have just moved here for a year to volunteer with Living Hope) because she was going to meet with me and the Masi LSEs who do the preschool curriculum.  We had our meeting and talked through things and made some plans about what were going on with the kids.  I then dropped Carla off and made my way into the office.  In the office I had some emails to answer and then I was looking at things that Avril had asked me to do.  It is sometimes where I look back at the end of the day and I do not know exactly what I have done but I have been busy all day.  I then made my way back over to Capri office to meet Kenny and Carla because I was taking them to the kids clubs in Masi this afternoon.  I was asked to take them to all of the kids clubs this week so each day I am taking them to a different township and showing them each venue and club.  We went to all three clubs in Masi for them to get an idea of what they are like. 

Afterwards I made my way back to the team house and just stayed there for the evening.  I hung around upstairs with the teams in case they needed something because Clynton had class so one of my duties of being at the team house has begun and it is fun I am enjoying it!

Tuesday, June 9th 2009

This morning I went to devotions at Capri office before heading to our office.  I made it to our office just as they were starting to have mid morning devotions.  So this was a nice morning of hearing God's word which is something I can't get enough of!  After that I went to work on emailing and looking at some dates of things and doing some planning for a meeting I was going to have with Avril on Wednesday.  Kenny and Carla drove over to my office and then we left to go to Capricorn for Kids Club today.  On our way I drove them through Overcome Heights which is an informal settlement right behind Capricorn.  We made our way to club and made it in time for their worship and I just love seeing these kids sing….it really is so beautiful.  Today they even sang some Outrigger Island songs they learned from the Brentwood team that was here in September.  I have to confess I had a smile on my face the whole time they were singing those songs because it made me think about what an amazing week that was!! J The kids then divided into three stations and we watched for a little while and then we left.

After I dropped Kenny and Carla off I made my way to the gym.  After working out I came home and went upstairs and just hung out with the teams and ate dinner. 

Wednesday, June 10th 2009

This morning went to devotions at the Capri office and worked from there for a little while and then I went to a meeting with Avril.  We met with the principal from one of the local schools who wants the LSEs to come in and teach a couple of lessons and then see what may happen after that. We thought we would possibly be meeting with other people and learning about the new curriculum for the 2010 school year but that person was not at the meeting.  I was glad to be at this meeting because I could hear what the principal wants and explain it to the LSEs.  It was a good meeting and I think the beginning of something new!! J  After the meeting I made my way back to the Capri office and went and had lunch with Jeremy and Ian (two volunteers)….we just went to this little place across from the office and sat outside because it was such a beautiful day and I am trying to take advantage of those now in the winter because you never know when they are going to come! 

For clubs this afternoon, Kenny and Carla met me at Capri office and we went to Ocean View for clubs today.  There are four clubs that meet in Ocean View so we needed to visit them all so we only spent a little time at each.  I was glad to do it because it is so hard to get to all of the clubs and so this week taking Kenny and Carla around I at least get to be at each one in one week.   After we visited all of the clubs I dropped them off and made my way back to the team house for the evening! 




Thursday, June 11th 2009

Well I made it to the office and then immediately went into a meeting about the video that is being made to help fundraise the support that is needed for the LSEs.  After that meeting it was time for me to do my weekly copying to get ready for tomorrow's LSE meeting.  I did that with most of my morning and then of course did some emailing and answering emails from people/teams that are coming!  Then I made my way back to get Kenny and Carla because today we were going to Red Hill for Kids Club.  We made our way there and the kids were coming slowly but once they started singing more kids started showing up.  There were these two little girls that I see every time I come and I think they are so beautiful and precious.  One of them is like two and a half years old and the other is probably around 8.  I just think they are so sweet.  The 8 year old just comes and hugs me and stands by me when she sees me.  We did not stay the whole time so we left right after they had finished singing and playing a game.  We then just drove up to the upper camp at Red Hill so that Kenny and Carla could see what it looks like and some of the kids were out playing and so I stopped and talked to Ludrick one of the little boys. 

Then on the way back from Red Hill we stopped in Mountain View because they were having a community celebration with the Faith Promise team.  We did not stay that long because Kenny and Carla had somewhere they needed to be but it was cool to see the people in the community gathering around and the kids had their faces painted and you could tell they were so excited.  I dropped Kenny and Carla off and then went and worked out and then made my way back to the community gathering.  By the time I got there it was in full swing.  Everyone was inside the tent and they were having worship and it was very evident to see that God's presence was in the tent when I walked in.  It was neat to see that Shades Mountain had come to the gathering and I thought that was cool for them to experience this evening as well.   Then after they sang one of the Faith Promise guys shared a message and then Julie (an LSE) gave her testimony.  It was incredible!!  After the service the Shades Mountain team and myself helped pass food and drink out to people.  Of course there was just enough food (yeah God)!!   We came back to the team house and just talked for a little while and then headed to bed!  

Friday, June 12th 2009

Started this morning at our Friday Meeting/Training.  I went first with going over the curriculum.  This morning felt a little different because I looked over at one area of the room and I was not just teaching the Life Skill Educators but also teaching the American/European volunteers that are here for over 30 days.  It was a little overwhelming but then I just was like ok Lord I have got to keep going.  So I went through the lesson with the LSEs.  Then we had someone come and talk about what to do with children who get violent while you are teaching….it was very informative and I think the LSEs got something out of it….I know I did.  Then Chantel (Avril's assistant and works very closely with the LSEs) had to go over things, places, and dates of things coming up.  Then I went and spent the afternoon with the volunteers.  We went and had lunch and I got made fun off because I brought my lunch box but I was very excited about the sandwich I had made.  I think the making fun was because of my lunch box (in case you are all wondering I have a High School Musical lunch box) it was a birthday gift from one of my precious South African friends and it is very practical! Then we went back to the vol house and played this ball game and then had a Rugby 101 lesson.  I know I have lived here for a year and I should know more about rugby but I was very glad to hear the lesson because there are still things I do not understand and so having the lesson did help a bit!  Then I decided to head home for the day.

I made it back to the team house and went upstairs and went and got Cooper (Mike Talley's son who is visiting) because I have been having problems trying to get my antenna to work on my TV in my flat.  So Cooper rigged it up and it is pretty funny it is tied to my one window in the flat because that is the only way it can receive a signal to get two channels.  I will just put it this way we had a really good laugh over the whole thing.  I then ate dinner with the Faith Promise team and talked to them for a little while and then headed to bed!

Saturday, June 13th 2009

So I slept in a little bit this morning and then had a nice breakfast with the Shades Mountain team and then I made my way to the gym.  After working out I took it easy and then we were off for our afternoon of rugby.  We were going to watch the Northern Province take on the British and Irish Lions.  Well first I must address what the weather was like today……one word RAIN!  I must confess I was not looking forward to  getting wet while watching the game but I was excited to be going to another rugby game so I was going to just embrace the rain and take it for what it is worth!  We got to the game and walked to the stadium and then made our way to our seats and praise the Lord they were under the shelter so we would not get wet at all.  I was very thankful for that.  It was a really good game.  All of the volunteers  I was with  this was their first live rugby game so it was cool to see their reaction and share the game with them.  After the game, we then made our way to this place for dinner and the rain was so loud at points we could not even hear our own conversation at the restaurant. I just got pizza and enjoyed hanging out with everyone.  After dinner I got home and just relaxed and made my way to bed it was not a late night and I was tired.


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