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Wednesday, February 4th 2009

Today I made my way over to the office in M'berg because I needed to get things ready for the training on Friday with the LSE's.  I had to make copies and go through things to make sure that everything was ready for them as well.  I also had a little bit of time to just visit and talk with the crew.  After lunch I made

my way back over to Ocean View because I decided to drop in on one of the clubs there for the afternoon.  I do not want to announce to the LSEs that I am coming because I do not want them to do anything different so that is why I just show up.  I walked in and the kids were playing a game and then they told the Bible story.  I felt myself getting so sleepy and the hard part was I could not completely follow everything because it was in Africans so that did not help with my sleepyness.  It is good to see them doing the curriculum and enjoying what they are doing.


Thursday, February 5th 2009

Today was a very unplanned day but one that was needed.  This morning we had a house meeting and then I ended up going with Jakes and Yvette and shopping for the rest of the things we needed for our house.   It has been a very long week of moving into a new place and trying to get settled and wait for things to arrive for our new house.  Well everyone today decided to tackle the last minute things so we could have everything done.  At the end of the day I had such a big smile on my face because the place we were were living has finally become a home and not just a house.  I know this is a girl thing to have everything set up and so now we have it and I am enjoying getting to be a part of the beginning stages and getting to see it all come together!  We got everything set up had dinner and just relaxed at home.

Friday, February 6th 2009

My usual Friday morning of Life Skill Educator training……today the social workers went before me and so I sat in on their session and they had the LSE's playing a game and let me tell you there is nothing like watching the LSEs play games.  I have never seen people get so into a game before in my life…they take it personally and they are all out to win!  After the training I went back to the house and had lunch and worked on a couple of things from home.  I helped sweep a little bit around the campus. Then the guys and I met for coffee and they decided to rent movies for the night.  Of course there was no girl movies but that is ok I am learning to open my thoughts on different movies.  We had a nice evening of just watched movies and relaxing.

Saturday, February 7th 2009

This morning I got up early and went and worked out before the day really got going.  When I got back home the Living Hope trustees were meeting on the campus and John had dropped some things off that I needed to sort for the Life Skill Educators so I spend time going through and dividing things between the four townships.  In the afternoon I made my way over to the internet café because we do not have internet at the house yet.  It is amazing when you get on and start emailing how time just gets away from you!  The boys left the café but I stayed because I was busy checking in on emails and facebook and all those other luxuries that keep me in contact with home!  When I got back to the house something was going off with the alarm in our house it was making a great sound and the boys were in the process of taking care of it.  They were planning to go hiking for a late afternoon hike and I said I would stay at the house and get the alarm thing taken care of.  Well the alarm thing finally got sorted when the guys got back from their hike so we decided to go out to eat and celebrate.  We went to the Cape Town Fish Market and have a nice dinner.  We came home and everyone went to bed!


Sunday, February 8th 2009

Went to King of Kings this morning and then came home and fell asleep reading a book on my bed.  In the afternoon the guys and I went to Canal Walk (a huge mall on the other side of Cape Town) because we had to return something that was bought for our house.  Today has been such a HOT day.  I am trying to get used to the heat but I am not doing a good job.  They say that February is the hottest month I am thankful for that because it is also the shortest month!  The temperature is not all that hot but the sun is so strong it makes everything hotter!  We came home from the mall and just rested I of course made the weekly parent phone call and then the boys and I made homemade pizzas and watched the second Lord of the Rings.  I must say it is definitely an adventure sharing a house with guys and we are learning about each other.  I am being introduced to a whole lot of different movies and shows I have never heard of and it is fun.  I know that God has brought all of us together for a reason and we are learning from each other!


Monday, February 9th 2009

I went to Masi today to meet with the Life Skill Educators.  They asked me to come and go through the kids club curriculum to help explain it a little further in detail.  I was very excited about this because to me it shows that they are beginning to really trust me and also that they want to learn more.  I spent the morning over there with them and we had a good time we even walked through the science experiments in the lessons and had lots of laughs.  After we went through the lesson they wanted my help in planning out the week.  They are truly beginning to take ownership with this curriculum and that is exciting to me.  One of the LSE even asked if we could talk later because he wanted some help when it came to having rules at club and teaching better.  When we finished I went home and had lunch and then delivered some supplies to Ocean View and then things had to do some emailing for things yet to come.  I then made my way back to Masi to go to one of the kids clubs this afternoon.  I went to the newest one in Masi that has been going for a couple of months.  It meets at the very back of Masi…..I was speechless they are having club basically in a field.  The kids just flock to the club and they are so sweet.  They do not have a shelter or inside area to meet in so we meet right next to the port-a-potties.  I was so proud of them because it does not change them they still delievered the lesson.  I did not understand what was being said because it was all in

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Xosha but the majority of the kids did listen.  I was helping with the younger kids and I had a little boy on one leg and a little girl on another leg.  The little boy fell asleep and the little girl was just very sad and eventually one of the kids took her home but the little boy just slept the whole time on my arm.  This club is very different from every other club they start the latest because the kids can not come until they have washed out their school uniform.  Even after being here for almost nine months this was very new to me!  It is awesome that the LSE's saw the need for a club in this area of Masi and have gone to the kids.  After club I went home and relaxed for the evening we ate dinner and then just watched a little bit of tv and went to bed.                                        

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