Last Blog before Adventure…..FRIENDSHIP!


Monday April -Friday May 1st 2009

WOW this week has gone by so fast!  I have had the opportunity to spend some time with my friend Kirsty who was here for three months this summer when I first arrived.  She was a volunteer from England and we just really hit it off.  We have been catching up all week.  We

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went to Jakes house on Tuesday night to spend

some time with her before the wedding which was a treat for both of us.  We got to see some of the last minute planning and joys of planning a wedding.  On Wednesday Ryan had his farewell at Living Hope.  That was really surreal……I can't believe that his time is over.  I mean I know we will be traveling for the next three weeks but that eight months have come and gone that fast!!  Yes I did some crying during the party but I also spoke and while I spoke did not cry at all!!  On Thursday night, Ryan had a farewell dinner involving all of his friends and it was at our favorite restaurant and we all had a good time just chatting and being with each other.  Then Friday was another public holiday.  I spend the majority of the day with Mandy and Kirsty having some girl time and we really enjoyed ourselves!   This week I have definitely done a whole lot of thinking about friendships and the awesome thing about that is that I have come to realize is friendships like the one with Kirsty and Ryan are bonuses from God!  I do miss my friends and family in the USA but as you know I am making lots of new friends and some of the friends are turning into family.  God is so awesome to bring people together.  I said that I have been thinking about friendships a whole lot this week! 

This will be the last blog while in Cape Town before we start our adventure.  I look forward to sharing with you all what God is going to do and I can't believe the time has come for this trip.  I AM SO EXCITED!!  

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