Life this week…..retreat day, beach wedding

Oh my word I do not know where the time is going it is already March.  Well ok time for the annual week report about what life has been like……

Tuesday (23rd) some of us went to Home Affairs in Cape Town to find out information on getting a new visitors visa and all of the paperwork that I would need.  The funny part is they have certain policies so I can not even apply

for a new visa  until 30 days before the one I have expires so I can not really do anything until April.  Then I needed to go and pick up some posters and flyers about Human Trafficking downtown so that did work out perfectly.  The rest of the day I worked in the office because in afternoon clubs all this week they are teaching about Human Trafficking so I do not need to go and do assessments.

Wednesday and Thursday were not too exciting just working in the office.  I finally had time to look at some curriculum that I brought back from Christmas that I did not have time before to look at so I went through some of that information.  Also with Avril being gone Chantel and I were asked to do a couple of things so I have started working on those as well.  Late Wednesday night a team arrived at the team house.  Yeah finally people at the house!  The team is from Rolling Hills in Franklin, TN so a little bit of Nashville here which is so nice!! 

Friday we had a Life Skill Educator Retreat day with the Rolling Hills team.  We all went to Kirestenbosch Botanical Gardens and were divided up into small groups and walked around and explored the area which was nice.  Our small group sat and had a devotion and then we decided just to sit and enjoy the shade of the gardens area.  We all ate lunch together and then made our way to a church to continue with the day.  We had worship and then played a mega relay game in our teams and I have to say our team came in third place out of four teams.  We then had another devotion time and played some more games one of which was the famous CHUBBY BUNNY and I tied with one of the LSEs we both got 9 marshmallows in our mouth!  After the church we made our way back to the team house for a braai and also had our last devotion time and got to make a picture frame which was

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kinda fun.  It was nice just all of us hanging out and relaxing!

Saturday….a very exciting day Shagmie and Lauren's Wedding Day!  Shagmie is one of the LSEs and he is just precious and ever since I have known him he has been looking forward to this day and I was so glad that I was here to see the day come.  They got married on the beach and it was so beautiful the setting was breath-taking!  The wind was a little strong but it did not matter because the ceremony and their excitement made up for all of it!  It was a wonderful time to see how God has brought these two people together.  After the wedding there was some time before the reception so some of us went to go get a cup of coffee before going to the reception.  We ended up getting to the reception after it started but we are in Africa and things do not run on correct time anyway!  HA HA    The reception was so beautiful they had it in a backyard and there were big pillows everywhere on the floor and coffee tables and we all just sat on the ground!  It was such a great day and I just kept sitting there just watching taking it all in and feeling blessed!  After the reception I went home and relaxed for a little while and then went out to dinner with a group of the volunteers.  All in all it was a very nice Saturday

Sunday went to King of Kings and then came home and made myself some brunch and just relaxed.  Some of us girls met and went to the movies and then I went back to the Volunteer house and watched a little tv with them before going home and doing my usually Sunday call home time!

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