Movies and a bike race….


Thursday March 5th and Friday March 6th 2009

Thursday and Friday I had the opportunity to go with the Capricorn Life Skill Educators on an overnight camp with 35 5th graders.  Look forward to hearing about what happened at the camp in this month's newsletter.  On Friday afternoon after I got back from the retreat I met with the Masi LSEs

to train them on the curriculum because with missing a Friday I had to teach two lessons.  The weather was so hot on Friday it made it so hard to concentrate because it was 100 degrees!  MASSIVE HOT!!  Friday night we watched a Christmas movie and had tacos and I made my last patch of Velvetta for rotel and we all just tried to stay cool!

Saturday, March 7th 2009

I slept in this morning because I was tired from the retreat with the school kids.  Ryan, Jeremy, and I had lunch with a couple that do mission work in Zambia because we are going to be taking a trip there in May to do some volunteer work.  The couple has worked with Ryan's dad so that is how we met.  We spent the whole afternoon with them talking about Zambia.  Then we relaxed for the evening and went to the movies.  The movies have become a favorite past time of ours because it only cost 19 Rand to go so it is a nice outing and it is also air conditioned and not a whole lot things here are!

Sunday, March 8th 2009 Argus Day

This was a very interesting day….Argus Race Day.  There is a bike race that happens once a year and it is a 110 kilometer bike race with about 35,000 people racing.  They close down all the roads and things are closed and it is just very different.  Well we left our house at 6:40am because if not we would not of been able to go anywhere until after 3pm so we met Mike and Pam Talley in Fish Hoek to watch the race.  It was so early in the morning but it was a neat experience.  We sat and watched the race till about 11am and then went and grabbed a bite to eat.  For those of you who have been to Cape Town before we went to The Bistro and had a little brunch and then walked out onto the beach.  The wind was so strong the sand was blowing everywhere!  There were men casting out a net to catch fish.  We watched them bring in the net and I have never seen so many fish.  They caught yellow tail and we watched them load the fish into the back of a truck to take them to sell them.  The fish were flopping everywhere some were even falling out of the truck.  They had to bring another truck there were so many fish.  It was really cool to watch.  You could buy a fish for 100 Rand (10.00 US Dollars) none of us even thought about it but LOTS of people were buying them straight out of the net!  After that we just all sat and talked and visited because we could not go anywhere because the roads were still closed!  We finally made it home and relaxed

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for a little while and then I had to go to a meeting at church for DC4K.  After that we met up with the Talley's again to join them for the evening.  One cool thing we found out that Matt Damon rode in the bike race so he passed by me but I did not know it till the race was over.  I then looked it up on line and they are filming a movie here about Nelson Mandela and Matt Damon is playing a rugby player.  It was a cool day who knows maybe I will see them here in Cape Town somewhere. J


Monday, March 9th 2009

This morning I went over to Masi to go over the Preschool curriculum with two of the LSE that work with preschoolers.  They gave me the curriculum they use and have asked me to help them understand what they have to teach.  So each Monday morning I am going to start going over there to go over each lesson and help them.  This has been awesome to see because the Masi LSE's do not open up and for them to come to me and ask them for help is a huge honor for me.  I am looking forward to seeing how God is going to use this time!  After that meeting I made my way to the M'berg office because I had to go over the club curriculum with the crew from Capricorn so that was how I spent a little bit of my time this afternoon.  Then I worked on getting some things worked out on the computer and helped do a little bit of office work.  I went home and we had game night for Bible study and we played Ultimate Frisbee for a little while and then played Jenga. 

Tuesday, March 10th 2009

Today I got to do one of my favorite activities which is shopping.  Avril asked me to do some shopping for the LSEs as well as some supplies for the Masi preschool curriculum.  Of course I did not turn down a chance to shop and look for bargains!  In the afternoon I went to one of the clubs in Ocean View that meets at a Methodist church.  I had not ever been to this club yet so I wanted to go and check out how it was going.  The kids were so cute and the older ones really were doing an amazing job of listening to the Bible story and all of the kids are learning their books of the Bible.  That is exciting to me because the kids are learning about the Bible!!  After club I went and worked out and came home and we ate dinner and then watched a movie.  It was a relaxing evening at home!!

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