Moving Day

Monday, February 2nd 2009

This morning after having about four hours of sleep we had to get up and move out of our rooms at the Team House.  We loaded up the cars with all of our stuff

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and every bag I carried I kept thinking why do I have so much stuff.  We then had to say goodbye to the Intervarsity Team that was here because they were leaving today as well to go back to the USA

.  They were very sweet and we all hugged and took some pics before we left.  We headed over to the new house.  For those of you who do not know we have moved to the False Bay Campus that Living Hope now owns.  There is a house that ACTS is now using as their Volunteer House and that is where we are living.  They are still fixing some of it up but we got to move in.  I have my own room and it is located right next to the showers so that is nice!  I feel like my stuff multiplied between the car and getting into my room.  Well I have begun to try to make it homey by putting cards and things up on the wall to give it a little bit of girl in the house as well!  This afternoon we also got a new volunteer and his name is Chris-he is from England and he will be here for five months.  So I now live with three guys and a fourth guy part time who works for the same company as ACTS.  The evening was spent trying to unpack and try to get some sleep because of watching the Super Bowl the night before and not getting but four hours of sleep! 

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