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Tuesday, March 17th 2009

Well today was one of those office days again.  I spent the day working on squaring dates of training and things like that.  I also did some photo copying as well.  It was not a very exciting day!  Ryan, Chris, Jeremy , and I were invited to join the BBC Music team for dinner along with the John and Avril and the Talley's.&

nbsp; We had a wonderful time just laughing and talking and sharing stories.  It has been great getting to know some fellow BBC people while here in Africa.  We ended up staying out late and then made our way home to go to bed and get ready for another day of work and ministry!

Wednesday, March 18th 2009

This morning I had a meeting in Ocean View with the LSEs because they were not able to attend the training on Friday so we scheduled this time for me to go over the two lessons I went over on Friday.  I got there as they were having their team meeting so I just sat in on it and enjoyed just hanging out with them.  After the training I went to the team house to say goodbye to the BBC team.  Then I came home and got ready to go to club in Red Hill today.  Avril asked me to go there today because one of the LSEs had the day off so I went to help the other LSE run the two clubs they

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do.  It was great to make my way back to Red Hill, we got to the first club and the kids just ran over to the car and then there were these two precious girls that just have my heart that came and sat next to me when club started.  One of them just looked at me to pick her up so of course I did and set her on my lap as the lesson was taught.  After we finished club at middle camp we made our way to upper camp and how I love the boys at upper camp.  A lot of them are some trouble makers but they are sweet….well today that was not the case some of the boys were just not listening at all.  However there were two of the boys who were being super sweet!  We came back from club and then we were going to have our weekly Bible study at our house.  The plan was to watch the Indescrible DVD and I went to get it out and realized that I leant it to one of the LSEs and so we changed what we were going to do and ended up playing Trivial Pursuit instead.  

Thursday, March 19th 2009

This was a day of surprises.  I got to the office this morning ready to do some emailing and begin to get the outline ready for the June/July Holiday Club and found out we had no internet at the office.  Well that was going to make it hard to come up with some of the ideas for Holiday Club with no internet.  So then I was going to do this other job that Chris and I were going to do in the afternoon but realized we did not have the bags we needed and I did not have my car.  The bags were on the other side of the mountain so I ended up going and getting them with Alicia (Living Hope employee).  We had a good time it gave us time to talk besides just what we talk about in the office so that was nice.  We made it back to the office and I started sorting things and counting donations of health and beauty products that people have donated.  Chris came to join me after lunch because he was at Living Grace and we got about ¾ of the way done the only thing we did not finish was things we did not quite know how to sort.  Then we came home from work and I had to go to the store and get things to make potato salad.  After we ate dinner some of us went and met some friends for a cup of coffee and that was nice.


Friday, March 20th 2009

Today was a Life Skill Educator Outing Bonding Day.  All of the LSEs were going to a pool for the day and having a braiee (BBQ) and I was invited to go as well.  So that is why last night I had to make a big pot of potato salad to take for the day!  We got there and this place had some waterslides, a kiddie pool, and lots of tables and areas for a braiee (BBQ).  We spent the morning just relaxing because it was kinda chilly but the sun was shining but it was cool.  Before lunch I got in the water and let me tell you it was sooooooo cold but it was fun to get in and hang out with the LSEs.  We ate lunch and just talked some of the LSEs played games and some got in the water because it had warmed up outside.  Then some of the guys decided they were going to start grabbing people and throwing them in the pool!  They were getting everybody…I did not think they were going to come after me because I had already been in the water so it was not a surprise to me.  Well boy was I wrong!  I was walking and they came up and grabbed me and literally picked me up and carried me into the pool with flip flops on and all.  IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!  We then dried off and made our way back home and called it a work day!  Ryan, Jeremy, Chris, and I were invited to another volunteer's house (Wendy) for dinner.  It was so nice she cooked sooooooooo much food for us and oh my goodness it was wonderful.  We sat around and talked for a while and then watched the movie Flywheels.  Such a good movie of course I was crying!!  We came home and all went to bed with the plan to just sleep in on Saturday!

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