Last week I was in the office working for the majority of the week.  On Tuesday and Wednesday I went to afternoon clubs and did assessments.  It is nice being able to get out and see what is going on and look at what things are working and what things we may need to tweak.  Thursday was a very long day I worked in the office in the morning and then in the afternoon I had to drive to

Strand (which is about a hour and fifteen minutes away) to go to a meeting to look at curriculum.  After that meeting I drove back over to Red Hill because Rolling Hills was having the community outreach event and I wanted to go to that.  So it was a long day but a very good day.  I was proud of myself for driving to Strand and not getting lost and finding my way around! J The community outreach went well.  The children sang and of course they were just too cute….the interesting thing is that each community event is so different based on what community you are in and this was the first one I have gone to in Red Hill. 

Friday was training day and it was good.  The neat thing to see was I had the LSEs get into their groups and fill out lesson plans on how they introduced the concept of human trafficking and then present it to the rest of the group.  They did a really great job and had some really great ideas that hopefully other teams will take and try over the next couple of months with such a serious topic.  On Friday night the Rolling Hills team invited me to join them for dinner along with some other people and it was fun just to sit and talk and have a nice dinner together.  Some of us went back and played cards.  I have to say I am definitely becoming a person who enjoys playing a good game of cards.

Saturday…..yes I went to a soccer tournament!  It was fun of course I still do not understand a whole lot about the game but went to go cheer on friends.  We watched a couple of games which soaking up some sun as well.  I put on lots and lots of sunscreen.  Well except for that little area on each arm where I could not reach and guess what got RED (those two areas I could not reach)!!!!  Then came home and relaxed and hung out with some of the vols that night and they decided to bake some sweets and of course we played cards again!!

Sunday went to church and then went to a restaurant on the other side of the mountain and it was one of those days where it was just HOT HOT HOT!!  It was twelve degrees hotter on the other side of the mountain than at the team house.  We had a great lunch and headed back.  We experienced so much traffic today and through the traffic I learned one thing about not being in a rush and knowing that God allows things to happen for a reason.  I have a strong belief that the traffic that caused us to be late to lunch kept us from possibly being in a car wreck that we saw on the way home.  After making it home just relaxed for the evening and of course tried to stay cool in the hot weather.

Monday…back to work.  Oh my word it was so hot today.  I was in the office trying to do work and get some things done but my body just could not handle the heat.  I tried and tried and a little while after lunch I knew I could not last any longer.  I knew there was no way I could go to a children's club and try to do an assessment.   I went home and took a cold shower to try to cool my body down.  Then I ended up laying down in front of my fan and actually took a nap.  I could tell I was not feeling well because I never take naps but the heat just completely wiped me out.  I went upstairs at the team house to eat dinner and visited with the people that are here right now.  They are not working with Living Hope but they are from the USA so we all ate dinner and then funny enough some of us watched the Oscars.  I did not make it to the very end so I went to bed and of course the weather was still warm so did not get that great of sleep but I have to say Praise God for having two fans to sleep with!!

Tuesday…feeling better today but still not all the way.  The weather today is a little cooler than it was yesterday but still a little warm.  I spent the morning working in the office trying to get some assignments ready that Avril asked me to complete.  I looked down at my feet and noticed that my ankles had SWOLLEN.  I was just like what in the world is happening.  Getting a little worried I googleed it and it can be caused from the heat so that was a comfort but still a little weird.  I went to go see one of the nurses that I know and talked to her about it.  So yes it is with the heat so I am trying to drink tons more water than normal.  I went to club in Ocean View to do an assessment and then afterwards went to the gym.  The internet said that exercise was good so I just went walking on the treadmill hoping that would help.  Made it home quick enough to get ready to eat a quick dinner and then go to Bible school.

I do not if I have shared but after getting back from the USA I started taking a evening class in Different Religions and Cults.  We meet once a week at King of Kings and it is through a Bible College here.  I am just doing this to learn more right now and it has been very interesting.  I have learned about some things I had no idea about which is a very neat experience.  I love the fact that I am just being able to go and listen and learn.  We have talked about quite a few religions and last night we talked about Buddhism which made me think back to my trip to Thailand and going to a Buddhist temple and the things that I saw and how it made me so sad to see people believing in things that to me do not make a lot of sense.  I have about three more classes and it has been very interesting and given me a little insight into a lot of other religions and cults that I was not aware of.  The one thing I learned in this class is that it is not about learning about all of the ins and outs of all of these other beliefs but it is about knowing what I believe!!

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