R-E-A-D-I-N-G Time!!

I finally feel like things are official with seminary! Because of the nature of this program and the fact that you do not go to classes things are a little different.   I went today and met with my professor because until now all I had was the syllabus and some articles and things copied and put in a book and that is known as our “reader” for class.  So I made an appointment

and went to get more details in regards to the assignments that are required.  The meeting definitely helped things to make more sense and I think this will be a good fit to my schedule.  Let me give you the bullet points of what I will be doing: making two maps, reading 750 pages of New Testament materials, reading a required book for class and writing a  2 page summary, doing an exegesis of any New Testament passage I would like, then a final at the end of the semester.  Yep this is going to help me with time management and get me reading again!!

I am now putting the finishing touches on a HIV/AIDS supplemental curriculum for the support group leaders that they can use during their support groups

This curriculum is more desgined for group discussion and is a little bit easier to understand than the one they had previously been using!  There are still a couple of topics I need to add more things to but all is coming together nicely.  I am also hoping this week to spend a little bit of time in the resource center library trying to get the books and materials sorted out a bit.

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