Well early this morning (4am) I was awoken by the sound of a cricket!  I thought it had arrived in my flat and decided to make a home.  I went walking around the flat and realized that it was actually outside but was so loud I could hear it in my room.  I just crawled back in bed and tried to go back to sleep.  I think it worked because the next thing I knew I

had woken up to the sound of my alarm. 

This morning I had two meetings back to back and then started to try to do some work.  OK I think I am seeing South Africa rub off on me because I do find myself working at a different pace here and taking time to sometimes just talk to people and be in the moment.  The stress level is not as high.  I still have tons of things to do but for some reason I do not feel all weighted down and feel a lot more free.  I wonder if this is the Lord letting me know I am so in the right place right now!! 

For most of you that know me you know I am kinda organized but I am not good at keeping the neatest work space or room space.  Well today one of the things that I did along with the help of a volunteer (thanks MOLLY) was clean and organize my desk.  Oh I wish you could all just see it there is space and it is so lovely.  I hope I can keep it neat.  The one thing about our office is everyone comes in and it is nice to have a neat area.  It does not help the fact that Chantel who I share an office with has a very very very neat desk and mine has not been…..until TODAY!!! 

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