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Weekend at LSE Camp July 3-5th

This past weekend I went on a retreat with all of the LSEs and the Vineyard team that is here.  It was a very relaxing time.  I got to have a little one on one quiet time with God because that was something I had so been longing for.  It was a very rustic camp and I was praying all weekend that I would not see any spiders and God was so good to me and

even though there were spiders that showed up I never saw one!!  On Saturday afternoon I had the chance to just sit by the lake and read a book and journal!  On Sunday we came back and the busy Holiday Club week has begun!  There was a BBQ for all of the areas to meet and plan the week.  I enjoyed sitting in on this and just being a part of it. 

Monday, July 6th 2009

Today I spend the day at Red Hill.  But first I had to drop off some supplies at some of the clubs on the way.  It was a good day…of course the kids remember me or at least some of them do and so I was just there as a helper.  After playing games with the kids I helped get the snack organized.  The morning went really well they did rotations and the kids really seemed to have a great time.  After we all sat

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and had lunch and got ready for the teen clubs.  I stayed to help out at the beginning and then made my way to do some supply shopping for the rest of the week.  Monday night after dinner the Vineyard team invited me over for the evening meeting.  Well the meeting turned into this sweet evening of worship and God ministering to a lot of the team members.  I just sat and watched the Holy Spirit move through the hearts of the team. 

Tuesday, July 7th 2009

Got ready this morning and again was off to Red Hill but first I had to again drop off some supplies before heading there.  Got to the club and the children were so excited and ready to start the time.  Again I helped with the snacks and it was icing cookies and making the icing.  It was a funny experience!  I left right as the children had finished rotations because I had some things to do and then had to go to the airport to pick up my friend.  Well I was driving back and as I was driving through Scarborough…I had my windows rolled down and was eating a sandwich as I was driving and I came across a whole group of BABBONS!!  Well all I could think was roll up the windows because they would jump in my car for my lunch.  WOW what a different mind- set here with what you see on the roads.  So I made my way to the airport to pick up Corey (she and I were in youth together and have known for a long time).  She arrived and we went and had dinner at the team house and then packed up because I am staying with her for the next couple of nights at a friend's house.

Wednesday, July 8th 2009

Well we got up this morning and it is weird to think that Corey is here….we had a little bit of time to visit but I could tell she is still trying to get her bearing straight.  We went to Ocean View today. There is a team here from Belmont Universty in Nashville, TN and they are working in Ocean View so got to hang with them a little bit today!  It was a fun morning we started by seeing and participating in circle games.  It was a very fast pace morning but so much fun as well.  We helped with the youngest group of children R-2 which is Kindergarten-2.  Then we helped get things ready for the teen afternoon.  Then we went back to the team house and had dinner and just relaxed and Corey and spent time talking and catching up.  We then went home to Pat's for bed!!

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