Shooting Star

Friday, December 12th

Today got up and went to the office because I had to make lists of all the supplies that will be needed for the January Holiday Club as well as Kids Club for January and February. After I did that I was beginning to get the calendar together of what I needed to get done for the two trainings I will be doing in January. See after next week

most people will be on holiday or what we would call vacation until the second week in January so all the questions I have I have got to get them all together so I can have things taken care of. Well, I then just spent some time hanging out in the Life Skill Educators office before it was time to go for the day. When I got home from work Lynn (another volunteer here for a month from Alabama), Nadine (the cook at the Team House) and myself went to go and walk on the beach. I walked and then at one point I just stopped and watched the waves because it was so beautiful I just wanted to take it all in. The water was running into me and it was quite cold. Even though it is summer here the water is still freezing and at one point I was not paying a lot of attention and I got a little wet up to my knees! Then we came back to the house and just relaxed. Lynn and I made it outside in time to see the sun starting to set. We watched the sun go through a line of clouds and then drop down more and then finally set into the water…it was beautiful. We ate dinner and then played Phase 10 for a couple of hours and that was a lot of fun because we were all just laughing and

having a good time.

Saturday, December 13th

Well Al decided to rent a car for the weekend so he could experience driving on the left hand side of the road and there was a couple of stores he wanted to go to. So all of the volunteers (Al, Ryan, Lynn, and me) piled into the car and went into downtown Cape Town. There was this different music store that sells all kinds of things so we went in there and then just walked around for a little while. In the afternoon we made our way to the University of Cape Town just to take a look at it. Of course as you can imagine it was pretty deserted because they just had graduation so we just looked at some of the buildings and the amazing view that they have of the city from the campus. Then we were on a mission to find a grocery store because we were going to Kirsebosch (botanical garden) to have a picnic and go to their Carols by Candlelight. So well it took us a while to find a grocery store and then they really did not have much to pack a picnic so we did the next best thing we went to Kentucky Fried Chicken and got our own chicken! We made our way to the gardens and we had to hike up this very large hill but we finally got to the outdoor ampitheatre and found a nice place in the shade and set up our blankets. We then just relaxed on the lawn and enjoyed our KFC as we waited for the evening to begin. When we arrived we each got a little bag that had a carols song book in it as well as a candle. As the evening began they sang a couple of songs and we lit our candles and then the story of Jesus was told and they even had a manager scene with actors and everything. The Gospel was presented and not watered down in the least bit and that was cool to see because here we are in a foreign country in a public place and people are reading scripture and talking about Christ. As the evening continued the sky began to get darker and we were blessed enough to see the moon rise. I know I have seen the moon before but it was like I was looking at the sky and there was nothing there except the lights from the city and then I look again and you can see the beginning of the moon rising. So we watched the whole thing…. then a pastor from one of the churches was sharing about what the true meaning of Christmas is and that it is about the fact that Jesus has come to the world not about what present can I buy there was this shooting star that came across the sky. So many people saw it because everyone made the awww sound and that was pretty cool. They ended the carols by singing Silent Night and they turned off all of the lights except for the candles and it was just so lovely. By far I would say this was one of the coolest things that I have done since I have been in Cape Town it also really gets you in the mood for Christmas!

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