Shopping and Caroling

This morning I went into the office because today was going to do the shopping for ALL of the supplies needed for the Holiday Club in January and then the

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Kids Clubs for January and February!  So, Clinton (Life Skill Educator) and I went shopping….we went to this place that felt like Walmart or Target on a pre-Christmas day there were people everywhere and you could not go down the aisles

because there were so many people.  I felt overwhelmed at first with all we had to get and trying to find it but Clinton was a good help to me and that was nice!  We ended up having to go to another store that was kinda like Sam's Club well minus the huge size but had the same concept.  We walked around and around and found most of what we needed.  I was getting worried if I was spending too much money but Avril came to pay and said we were doing well on money.  Then we went to one more place kinda like a Dollar General store and found a couple more things but there are still a few things I will need to get.  The exciting thing about all of this is that the Life Skill Educators will have everything they need way before time and that never happens so I am so happy for them.  We went back to the office and hung out for a bit and then I headed home.  This afternoon  Lynn, Ryan, and I were going with King of Kings to do some Christmas caroling at some different places in the area.  We went to a assisted living home first and it was kinda cool.  There were about 25 of us that went ..we went into one room and sang to some of the people who were sitting and there was a lady sitting and just smiling the whole time we sang.  We then walked the halls singing and that was really fun because some of the people were coming to the door to see what we were doing so we could give them some Christmas greetings as well.

Then we went to the hopital and went to the women and children wards.  There were two children there and a couple of women so we went into their rooms and just sang and greeted them.  Last we went to the Living Care Healthcare Center.  That was nice the patients really seemed to enjoy it some of them really perked up as we walked into the wings of the Healthcare Center.  We then came home ate dinner and are just relaxing and I am sitting listening to the ocean and staring at the Christmas tree.   I know such a hard life!

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