Sleepy Day

This morning got up and went to church.  John brought a very interesting message about why Jesus was born.  After church we came home and I worked on trying to organize my pictures.  Then we went to the internet cafe because people had to email pictures and I just went to hang out with everyone else.  We came home and I was just tired, I had not done much but I was just tired so

I laid down for a little while and watched a Christmas movie.  Then I made the weekly call home to the parents and chatted with them for a while and was informed about the actually snow day that was in Nashville this week!  Then we went out to dinner because Al is leaving on Saturday and he wanted to eat at this restaurant.  So Ryan, Al, Lynn, and myself went and enjoyed the evening at the restaurant and just had a good time.  I was so tired I came home and went straight to bed!

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