Superbowl even in Cape Town………..

This past week I have been busy in the office but as well getting to go out to clubs as well. I was able to take some people to a couple of clubs this week and that was quite fun.  I also started taking a Bible class one night a week the class is teaching about other religions and cults.  I am excited for this new challenge of growth ……already what I have learned is that more important

than me knowing all about these other religions is for me to know exactly what I believe and know my Bible. 

I have been working on coming up with an assessment piece to use to evaluate the afternoon children's clubs. I am putting the final parts on that and then will probably start doing that next week. 

Life at night has been very quiet at the team house because there are no teams here so I am still cooking for myself and so what I have been doing is cooking a big dinner and having it two nights in a row for dinner.  Over the weekend I did not do a whole lot on Friday night I just relaxed at home and watched a movie.  On Saturday some of us braved the wind to go to the beach because all of us were wanting to work on our tan.  I had not been to the beach since coming back from the USA.  I am glad to say that I did not get sunburn but did manage to get some color on my skin.  We have had some excitement of sharks being spotted in the ocean.  Just to make you rest assured I am not surfing or swimming in the water just using the sand to get a tan and maybe stick my feet in the water.  Saturday night Melanie and I went out to dinner which was nice because I had not been out in a while and we have not had time to really just talk since she arrived about a month ago.  Melanie is a vol that is here for at least two years from Shades Mountain in Alabama and we connected when she came in 2008 and so we have been friends ever since.  We had a nice dinner and then just went and got coffee.  Sunday was church and then relaxed for a little while and then went and got some frozen yogurt with some volunteers because it was so hot here!  Then I had great plans to take a nap so I would be ready for the Super Bowl but I just could not fall asleep.  So I just relaxed and then about 11pm headed over to Mike and Pam's along with all the other silly Americans to watch the game that came on at 1:05am!!  We ate chili and talked and then it was time for the game.  Of course I was cheering for the COLTS because of being a Peyton fan and I will have to say the room was almost 50-50 but we had a fun time.  We did not get the commercials but that was ok we did get the game and that was fun.  I did not get sleepy at all until the 4th quarter but then the game was intense.  I was sad at the end I do have to say but enjoyed watching the game.  It was about 5am when it was over.  I had the morning off so I went home and slept for a couple of hours and then had a meeting with Avril and then went to children's club in Red Hill and helped the children make posters.  It has been a busy week so far but I also seem to be able to find time to be getting things done and that is what is such a blessing!!  

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