Tea or Coffee anyone?

Tuesday and Wednesday February 9th and 10th 2009

The past two days I was asked to help with serving tea, coffee and lunch to the Living Hope employees.  Living Hope is trying to get accredited by a top South African health organization.  Every single employee has to be aware of all of the policies and procedures involving all aspects of Living Hope.  The great thing about the

two days was I got to see people I do not always get to see because I am always with the Life Skill Educators.  I feel like I am becoming a pro at making tea and coffee.  I must confess that at the end of each day I was very tired because we were on our feet all day.  We also had to do some setting up for lunch both days and clean up and all of those things so we kept very busy!  On Wednesday all of the Life Skill Educators were there so it was good to get to see them all because normally I only get to do that on Fridays when we have training!  So it was nice just to see them and say hello..I did not get to visit with them because we were busy with doing things but that is alright.  I came home last night and just relaxed and it felt so good.

Here is a little bit of interesting news the taxi drivers have gone on strike because they are mad at the government because the government has told them they need to upgrade the taxis before the 2010 World Cup and the taxi drivers here are mad because they do not want to pay to get everything upgraded.  We keep finding out new things but one them is that the taxi drivers have known this for over a year but are just now getting mad about it.  On Wednesday some of the buses and trains were not running as well so it was a very hard day for some of the Living Hope employees who have to try to get to work.  Taxi drivers are very different here in fact some of them drive around without a license and are getting mad when they do not even have a license to drive with …..does not make a whole lot of sense.  Just letting you know I have not taken a taxi here so the strike does not affect me but it does affect people that I know because it is hard for them to get to work.  I would ask you to pray for safety for the people during this time and also for the strike to end!  Again each day I am in South Africa I am learning new things!!  Very Interesting!!! 

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