Tennessee Christmas has started………..


I know that I am so far behind life just got really busy the closer it got to Thanksgiving……I think that was because it was closer to me going back to the states for Christmas.  The week that I left on Monday I had to do all day training with the LSEs on the Holiday Club curriculum.  We spent the entire day talking about Christmas.  It went really well…..everyone

loved doing crafts and we even ended the training with watching my all time favorite Christmas DVD  "A Charlie Brown Christmas"!  The rest of the week was spent getting things ready for the five weeks that I will be gone.  I had to make copies of the curriculum and get things ready.  Then I received the news that the supply closet could be unpacked back in its place so that basically took the rest of my time!!

Well I am now on USA soil.  It is a little surreal! The plane flights were not a problem at all I was very calm of course I did not get a whole lot of sleep but I did not have any real anxious thoughts!  Praise the Lord 🙂 The only thing about the flights was the trip from London to Chicago seemed like it went on forever and i think that was just because I was ready to be here!  A wonderful story from the airport we had not even left Cape Town and Pat and I were in the airport and I was trying to take the trolley(baggage cart) up the escalator and the cart almost pushed back over on me needless to say that Pat and I had a

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good laugh!  Then in the London airport the first stop we made was to STARBUCKS and I have to say it was wonderful!  Sitting their drinking my Toffee Nut Latte it was actually starting to feel like Christmas.  We arrived in Chicago and met mom and we had some time to spare and so I ate my first USA meal which was Chilli's and I have to say eating ranch and honey mustard dressing tasted so good!!  We finally got on the plane and made our way back to TN!  I was getting very excited as we got off the plane but I was also dealing with being soooooo TIRED!! My dad was waiting for us along with some amazing friends!  It was such a nice greeting!  Of course on the way home we did a little detour and went and got some Taco Bell!!  YUM

The weekend has been busy of doing some errands and then on Saturday night mom, dad, and I went to mom's Sunday School Christmas party!  It was quite fun and it was neat meeting some of my mom's friends from her Sunday School class.  I got to eat quite a few casseroles which I have missed over the past 18 months!  Church on Sunday morning was just wonderful and such a blessing!  I started the morning in mom's Sunday School class and made my way to the Children's area to see friends and kids and it is unbelievable how much the kids have grown in the time I have been gone!! Mom and I then went to service and I just could not stop crying I was just overwhelmed by being at Brentwood and mom was with me it was very sweet!  The morning was topped off by going to my Sunday School class and then going back to Marketplace and seeing some more of the kids!  It was a really nice morning!


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