The NEW YEAR has begun…

Wednesday, May 27th 2009

Well one year ago today I left Nashville to start a new life in Cape Town! Yes I have already been crying this morning but it is a good thing! I got a call this morning and had to go to a meeting this morning with some Living Hope staff about starting a partnership to create a parent curriculum. It was a cool meeting and getting to the parents and

educating them on how to parent is what is so important!! I then made my way to the office in M’berg! I was working for a little while and then some of the Life Skill Educators came in and we just screamed and hugged and they wanted to hear about the trip. The funny part was that Natalie (team leader of Capricorn) looked at me and could tell I had been crying even though it had been hours! We have really gotten to be very close and she is so sweet! Then I just worked a little bit doing some work emails for the afternoon.

After work came home and tried to finish unpacking and then went over to Mandy’s flat to have dinner and help her pack up her things because she is moving to a new place. Then Mandy and I went to the airport to pick up the new volunteer and it is Margaret who was a volunteer here last summer in June right after I got here. It was so cool to see her and feel like a little bit of home has come back to Cape Town. For all of my Nashville firends I was brought some Goo Goo Clusters! YUM YUM We then took her to the new place where all of the volunteers are living and I was excited to see it because I have not see it since we got back from our trip. It is really nice and I think they are going to enjoy it!

Thursday, May 28th 2009

Well today is the one year mark that my feet have been in Cape Town. I had some moments this morning of missing home but then someone reminded me to think about all of the things that God has allowed me to do this year and that put a big smile on my face. I guess having gone for a while with just being me it was time to have some emotional days. I am doing good just having some time to reflect on things and I think right now that is a good thing. I had a meeting this morning with two of the Life Skill Educators to talk about preschool stuff in Masi. Then after that meeting I had a meeting with Sheralyn (Avril’s daughter) who is working at Living Way and she is developing a curriculum that they are going to use and she wanted to show it to me and talk through some things. We spent the next two hours going over things. I thought about the fact that one year ago I knew nothing about writing curriculum and a year later I have someone asking my advice on writing talk about a humbling experience!

I then made my way to the office and did some work but it has turned into a talking and visiting time in the office. After work I made my way home and relaxed and again I am trying to get everything in its place! I have been chilling at the Team House now for the evening!

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