The Week…..Al leaves and Christmas is coming!

Wednesday, December 17th

Today was a normal day of going to the office and working.  I just did some work on adding things to the curriculum on the computer. I had a couple of errands to run in the afternoon and then came home to settle down for the evening.  There was nothing big about today but it was just another day but at the same time it is another day that I get to be

in Cape Town living! 


Thursday, December 18th

Well today I was going to work from home because of some the stuff that was going to be happening in the day it just made more since for me to work from home in the morning!  I worked on sending out a couple of long emails and then I had to go and pick people up.  We were coming home because there was going to be a volunteer party at the Team House for all of the volunteers that help with the Life Skill Educators.  Well we ended up helping get things organized and get the food ready so it was a different kind of party for us. It was kinda cool to have the Life Skill Educators hanging out at our house.  Well we had made dinner plans because it was Al's farewell dinner so we had to leave before the party was over to go out to dinner.  It felt different when you are leaving people hanging out at your house!  It was not  a big deal but that was kinda different.  We had a good time at dinner and just had some cool hang out time and talking time with the people that were there!  Then came home and went to bed!


Friday, December 19th

So today I decided I was going to go and see Holiday Club in the only two places I had not been this week or last week which was Ocean View and Red Hill.  I started the morning in Ocean View by going to their club and watched for almost two hours.  I enjoyed going there and just being a fly on the wall and watching how they do things and how the kids react.  After I left Ocean View I made my way to Red Hill.  The funny part was when I got to Red Hill the Life Skill Educators were not there yet but the kids were ready to have club.  I got out of the car and they just latched onto me.  I went and sat with some of them…and just waited and waited and waited and waited and waited for the Life Skill Educators to come and they did.  They were having their last goodbye celebration for the year and so I stayed for a while but then I needed to leave to do some other things and I had to pick up Lynn as well.  I went and picked up Lynn and we made our way home.  I was tired so I just kinda relaxed for a little while because I had plans for the evening.  I was going to a concert that was a benefit for the Mobile Music Academy Capricorn Kids and since Ryan is working with them I wanted to go to support him as well.  I got there and sat by the kids and talked to them before it started.  Once the music began it was a nice evening, there were three music artists that performed and it was very enjoyable.  I then waited to leave with Ryan and the kids because it was now dark out and it was a area of town that was new to me.  So we were walking down the street and the kids were so excited and just talking about everything!  I then came home and just watched a little television and then went to bed!


Saturday, December 20th

Well today was going

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to be a sad day because we had to say goodbye to one of the volunteers, Al was leaving after being with us for nine weeks.  SO we had a farewell breakfast for him this morning and then it was time to take him to the airport.  We all piled in the car and drove him to the airport.  I have done this drive to the airport many times and it is never something that I am excited about doing…well it is when you get to pick up people but not when you have to drop them off and say goodbye!  So we all said our goodbyes and then we had some time to spare for the afternoon and we decided we would go to this mall called Canal Walk (which is a HUGE mall) and see their Christmas decorations and the Christmas tree.  We got there and all of us at the same time felt like we were back in the USA with so many people at the mall shopping right before Christmas.  We did not stay long and we were ready to leave!  That is one thing I have enjoyed about being here for the holiday season the stores are not as bad as they are at home, you can go into the grocery store and if you did not go down a certain half aisle you would never know it was not Christmas.  There is good and bad to that so I am seeing the good that I can truly dwell on the true meaning of Christmas being Jesus coming to the Earth!

We then made our way to Kamps Bay to go to a picnic for John and Avril's daughter who is getting married in three weeks.  They were having a little get together on the beach and since we are going to be helping at the wedding they invited us to be a part of this small cupcake picnic.  It was a nice enjoyable time we all just sat and talked and looked out at the beach.  At one point there was actually a couple who were taking wedding pictures on the beach….it is a GORGOUS beach!!  We then made our way home and are just relaxing for the evening!


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