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Saturday, March 21st 2009

We all decided to sleep late this morning and just relax!  Then we decided to go to the Waterfront which is the mall because Chris (one of the vols from England) has never been there so we went for the afternoon. When we parked the car, BETTY (car name) decided she did not want the driver's side window to roll up.  This was a little

unnerving for me because leaving a car with the window rolled all the way down is not good because it has a chance of being stolen.  I did have the gear lock on but U was still concerned so I just prayed and asked God to watch over the car.  We grabbed a quick bite to eat and just enjoyed the view of the water.  We made our way back to the car and the window still did not want to roll up but we just continued on.  All of us volunteers Ryan, Jeremy, Chris, and I were invited to the Talley's for dinner.  We had a braai of burgers and fries and just sat around the table and talked.  It was a very nice day!

Sunday, March 22nd 2009

I went to King of Kings this morning for church.  I came home and was missing a little bit of Brentwood Baptist Church so I put on one of the DVD services I have and enjoyed feeling like I was back at BBC!  Then we relaxed around the house for a little while before we had to go to Mandy's (who works for ACTS and takes care of us)birthday braai.  I got to the braai and then had to turn around and go back to King of Kings because of the DC4K program I am helping with.  We did not have a lot of children so I go to go back to the party.  The party was at the Team House so we just sat and visited and even watched a little March Madness on tv.  When we got home I was so tired and went straight to bed!

Monday, March 23rd 2009

I had a morning meeting with the Masi LSEs who work with the preschool children. Then I went to the Capri office and worked from there for the rest of the morning.  I was working on supplies and gathering ideas from the internet.  I went home for lunch and then worked from there before taking a volunteer to one of the clubs in Masi.  I then went home and we relaxed for the evening.  We just watched a movie and hung out.

Tuesday, March 24th 2009

I went to the M'berg office this morning and worked from there till lunch time.  I then had to drive out and go check on these crosses that we ordered for holiday club.  I was kinda worried if I was going to be able to find the location of the office but I did not give up and found the building.  I went in and looked at the crosses and they were perfect.  I then made my way home and worked from there for a little while.  This morning was when I heard the news that PEPFAR was pulling their funding as of October 1st and this funding pays all of the Life Skill Educator salaries as well as Avril and her PA Chatel's salaries.  My heart is just so heavy for them.  They were told this afternoon before they had to go and teach club. I went to kids club in Mt View this afternoon and had a chance to talk to two of the LSE's to find out their reactions and it sounded like they all are trusting God.  My heart is burdened to just pray for them and what the future holds and asking God for a miracle.  We came home from club and then had dinner and decided to go to the movies because it is half price night which means the movies were 10 Rand (a little over 1 US dollar) we went and saw Marley and Me.  I just cried and cried.  I read the book back around Thanksgiving but it did not come out here until this past Friday.

Wednesday, March 25th 2009

I went to the M'berg office for the morning.  I spent time trying to come up with a couple of last minute ideas for a craft for the holiday club curriculum because one of them was not working out too well.  I was anxious to see the LSEs to see how they were doing and they were their normal selves which was good to see.  I was at the office until lunch time and then went back to the house to have lunch.  We had a new volunteer arrive this morning, his name is Jonathan and he is from Scotland and he is here for 89 days.  We met him at lunch.  After lunch I started working on making the crafts for the holiday club,  I want all of the LSEs to make the crafts during the training because that is something they have asked for. After I worked on that for a while then I had a bunch of supplies that were left here from a team and Pam needed it all sorted so that took the rest of my afternoon/evening.  We played a little bit of Frisbee in the evening and then ate dinner.  After dinner we watched a movie and then I went to relax in my room.

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