This is going to be LONG!!

We have been without internet because we ran out so that is why I have not blogged lately.  So I will give you a synoposis of what has happened lately:

Thursday- IT RAINNED AND RAINNED!  I went to Kids Club and there was only like 9 kids there because the rain was so bad.  I got to tell the Bible story and also taught the kids the song, "Trust in the Lord" with the

hand motions.  Then, Thursday night we went to the Talley's for dinner and had chili and it felt like we were at home.  We played Mafia (it is a card game) and it went on and on and on forever!

Friday- We went to Red Hill which is a township and we basically moved dirt all morning long!  We also moved rocks.  We were trying to level the ground because they are going to build a roof so the kids have a place to play outside that is covered.  Then we had afternoon meetings and then went to the beach for sunset.  It was amazing….this was the first time I got to put my feet in the ocean.  I had a great time just talking to God at the beach. 

Saturday- this was an exciting day!  I have finally found a sport I really liked.  Rugby was amazing….we had the most amazing seats the only bad thing was it rained the whole time and we got SOAKED.  I actually watched the entire game.  I know that was a shock to me as well.  Then we went to the waterfront to get coffee because we were all soaked!

Sunday- we went to chuch at Masiphumelele Baptist Church for the entire service and it was amazing!  I could so feel the presence of the Holy Spirit even though the service was in another language.  Then Kirsty (another girl at the house) and I watched movies while everyone else went to Cape Point.    We just relaxed at home.

Monday-Four of us went back to Red Hill today and we moved more dirt and I even got a bliser on my thumb!  I worked and even broke a sweat!  Then I went and observed at a

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Kids Club in Oceanview.  So that is the quick review of the time we have missed and I hope you all enjoyed it! 

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